Orphan Black - Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method

What a strange way to end the episode.

I mean not the actual end, end.  But the transition to the previews for next week's episode where it was so seamless I nearly thought it was a continuation of the episode.

Not only that, but the previews answered the question that has been on everyone lips.  Who is the mole inside the Clone Club that has been leaking information to the Castor Clan?

This is the information I thought we were actually going to get revealed to us as the episode ended and it would have served as the climatic exclamation point with just two episodes left.

The Actual End, End.

What we actually got was the little wink and a nod between Rachel and Nealon as the poor stroke ridden Rachel was wheeled away.

Surprise!  Rachel is just as much a rat fink as we always suspected she was.  She and Nealon have been playing a long game.  (I guess all the pencil references were clues to Rachel not forgetting a single thing.)

The unwitting victim of their perfidy is poor Krystal.  Not so bright but not a dummy either.  Her courage also led her to places she shouldn't have looked. 

So what about the information we didn't get but was revealed in the previews for next week?

Spoilers, Spoilers Spoilers!

Yeah, so don't read on if you don't have a clue as to what I am talking about. 


The previews reveal that Shay is the mole.  (Replete with Castor Army I.D. photo.)

We shouldn't be surprised.  I have been questioning her veracity since she came into Cosima's life.  Shay is too good to be true.  Cosima tells Sarah she is happy and everything is good.  Groan, that was a bad sign.  Shay has also been in position to learn everything and even had her hands on the Moreau book when the alarms went off between Cosima and Scott.

Have I ever heard of photoshop?

Yes, Shay could be just as big as an unwitting dupe as Krystal was. 

Still, it looks bad for Shay.  Delphine will buy into Shay as the traitor and seal Shay's doom.  (She did slide that "Shay" file across her desk as Cosima departed and Scott was forced to depart.)  If Shay isn't the mole then Orphan Black will have to have something clever up their sleeve that spins the narrative as a double switch.

Believe me I realize the slightly scruffed post grenade Virginia Coady is capable of anything.  If she can place Shay with Cosima and have Rudy waiting for Scott and his poor kitty then she can do anything.

Is Nealon working with Coady?

Hmm, I don't believe so yet but anything is possible.

So, that was quite a turn of events.  Cosima inched closer to reconciliation with Delphine only to see it torn apart.  Sarah is missing the protein that has been afflicting the rest of the Clones.   This will lead to a cure and a way to successfully clone humans and to top it all off the team will have to jet off to London to find "The Beast" whose number is H46239.

I'm not even sure we can trust that information as it came from Rachel and it could be all part of her long game.

Odds and Ends


That Donnie sure can take a punch.  Seriously though,  there is too much drama going on to care about this B plot.

Speaking of the B plot.  Helena is now Alison's problem.  This should help tie things together.  Fortunately Helena is good with kids.

Scott has a kick ass Star Wars Geek cave.

Have we seen the last of Krystal?  Boy, it does not look good for her.

There was a moment where she was coming off as really sweet and at the same time Cosima was coming back from the brink healthwise.

The conspiracy theorist in me immediately smelled a rat.

Crackpot Theory
When things look to good to be true they probably are.  OB didn't have the guts to kill off Cosima last year but this year could be different.  Things are going much to well for her aside from the Delphine feud and I believe that to be short lived.  What better way than to dash everyone's hopes and pull the narrative rug from under us than to kill off Cosima.

Do I want to see this?

I don't.

But an ending such as that will have people talking for years.



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