12 Monkeys - Bodies of Water.

So, what did we learn from the last episode of 12 Monkeys, "Bodies of Water"?

  • The true identity of The Witness?
  • Cycles are designated a specific manager?
  • Jennifer Goines can turn the world on with a smile?
  • Cassie is important to The Witness?
  • Immersion is important?
  • There is a map to the past, present and future?
  • Olivia is dead?
  • Deacon can take a punch?
  • Not all Primaries are good?

We may as well start with all the reveals about the Witness and the importance of Cassie.

For some reason Cassie is important to The Witness.  We get our first indication of such when The Striking Woman, Olivia, suggests the 12 Monkeys efforts would be better suited if Cassandra was out of the way.

This was met with a vehement rebuke from big W.  In case there was any misunderstanding, The Witness made it clear in no uncertain terms in his (or her) best "wall scrawl" that Cassie was not to be harmed.


As events played out later on during Cassie's "immersion" we find out the reason Cassie is so important to The Witness is because The Witness is Aaron Marker.

Or is he?

Aaron appears where the cloaked Witness once stood.  At face value it seems The Witness is revealing his true self, scars and all, to the woman he once was engaged to be married to.

Or it could be the Witness is just manipulating Cassie as part of her "immersion" knowing how guilty she feels about Aaron's demise.  (Touched on in the last episode.)  The reveal of The Witness as Aaron seemed a little too easy so we may be dealing with a little TV sleight of hand.

Nothing wrong with that.  If Cassie can be manipulated then so can we.  

So why is Cassie so important?

In last week's blog I theorized The Witness was building a "Bubble universe" and in doing so he was trying to establish a place without time where a "Reverse evolution" could take place.  No growing old, no growing up, no dying.  Just a place of existence where the human condition is already at its height of evolution from day one.

Cassie is seen as being key in reversing the tide of the plague.  Take her off the board and the plague proceeds on schedule.  But what if there is a higher calling?  Cassie may have a place in the Bubble universe.  Either in helping perfect the ultimate human being free from disease or a partner with The Witness in an Adam and Eve like scenario.

Aaron would fit there if he were the Witness but I am still not convinced.  

Cycle Management

Olivia taunts the Pallid Man after he challenges her authority.

"You have a plague to reconstruct for your beautiful uncertain cycle."  

So, the "Plague Cycle" belong to the Pallid Man?  Is his cycle of time out of favor while Olivia's is in vogue?  She's calling the shots since she is obviously ordering him around.  What's her cycle?  Deconstructing time via the death of the Primaries?

Interesting there are competing cycles going on at the same time.  Although I'm sure it would benefit The Witness' plan if all or one work out.  

The Striking Woman Struck Down?

Is Olivia Dead?

She better get attention pretty quick or it could be goners for her.  Unless she made of that stronger steel like Vivian Rutledge or The Pallid Man himself.   

The Pallid Man did say something odd to her, "Appearances are meaningless as you'll discover."   The appearance of death Pallid Man?  Olivia shed a tear as the Pallid Man returned the taunts from earlier on.  Perhaps she is sad because her cycle is no longer in favor.

Heed these words.

"Life eternal. There is no death, just the passing of time that fools us into believing we are not forever."

When PM went to visit The Witness and ask to be put in charge he also spoke of Olivia being "wounded".  So perhaps she is just going through some "Seed, rebirth."  Just the same, her cycle now seem to be out of favor and in that, she is truly struck down.

No worries.  "Flowers have the most beautiful cycle"  and Olivia will once again bloom.  (I hope.)

Jennifer's Mary Tyler Moore Moment

I've compared Emily Hampshire's comedic talents to Mary Tyler Moore twice now.

Once when I handed out my 12 Monkeys report card from last year.  The other, when I had my "12 Questions for Terry Matalas" interview. Now we've had the good fortune to see Emily play out Jennifer's upswing to the tune of MTM's themes song. It was the Joan Jett version and was part of Jennifer's "Feel Good" playlist.

Hampshire has such great energy and the joy etched across her face as she pranced down the steps was a real treat.

Joy is fleeting in the world of 12 Monkeys.

Even as Jennifer had her MTM moment the spectral image of her mother haunted the scene. No amount of the pills keeps her from returning either.  She is a constant.

We also got to visit Jennifer's summer home and with it, it's memories and mysteries.  

Oh, and masterpieces too.  Jennifer was a busy little artist in her youth.  Contained within are drawings of Jennifer the Elder, The Remains, The Witness, Dr. Jones and this mystery fellow.

Not sure who he is.  Kyle Slade?  Possibly.  He supposed to be dangerous and he knows Cole is coming .


Poor little kid.  She thinks she's the monster.  If it wasn't for the intervention of the maid, Jennifer's mother would have drowned her.  It's one thing to hear voices across time and another to hear them exclusively in your head.  Jennifer's mother was of the latter.

We're not quite done with Jennifer as she makes quite the discovery while held captive by Olivia.


The "Word of the Witness" is kept in map form replete with the "Lines and Circles" Ramse spoke of to lead the episode.  Jennifer spies information of herself that tells of her death date.

This stuns Jennifer and perhaps is what gives her the impetus to stab Olivia.  She wants to be a daughter again just not on Olivia's terms.

Odds and Ends


I had asked earlier if Deacon could take a punch.  The answer to that is yes and a lot more.  Betrayed twice, once by his own man that gave him up to The Foreman (Poor Rankin and Otero didn't make it.) and the second time by Cole and Ramse.

He survives and retains his sense of humor and a modicum of munificence.  What has led to this softening?  Cassie?  (Wait till she finds out.)

It's good to have friends.

And lastly....


Don't you get the impression The Witness is buttering up The Pallid Man a little?  "Birthright?"  Remember when Pallid Man told Olivia her Father would be so proud last season?  Sounds like she had a birthright too.  To the victor goes the spoils I guess.  

The Witness has an agenda and whomever get it done sits at the head of the class.

Just don't fail.



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