12 Monkeys - Immortal

Welcome to the dark side Cassandra Railly?

You know what they say about black eyes...

Yep, black eyes are not a good look.  "The ocean turns red" gulp, you mean like the Red Forest?   Let's hope Cassies eyes don't roll back or anyone refers to her as having "dolls eyes."

If that happens then we're going to need a bigger boat.

Black eyes are a sign of evil if not being possessed by evil.  Aaron Mark(er) of the devil had them.


Fake Cole did too.

Even Miss Ives' attendant on Penny Dreadful sported the black orbs.

So, what does this mean for Cassie?  Is she evil?  Probably not.  But it could mean she is under the thrall of The Witness.  The implications of which would mean he has an insider with Team Splinter.  She can wreak havoc for him anywhere in time they send her, or perhaps worst of all, in the year 2044 at Splinter Central.

Cassie has been acting out of character of late so who would be able to actually notice if she starting a drifting little to the Red side?  

Here are the candidates.

Deacon?  He started her down a different path in the first place.  "Let 'em live, create an enemy."  Those words would turn heads before.  Now, maybe no one would blink.  If Cassie starts doing the bidding of the Witness her harder edge may just be more appreciated by Deacon.

Cole?  There is word of an rapprochement coming between the two.  Cole would be best served to notice a change in Cassie.  But he may be so mission driven that it might slip his notice or even be dismissed by the busy Cole.

Dr. Jones?  A good candidate.  She trusts Cassie more than Cole now with the mission.  If Cassie acts with "Extreme prejudicewill Jones look the other way?  We are talking about the person who authored the Project Spearhead massacre.

Ramse?  A very good candidate.  No one fully seems to trust him (except perhaps Cole as of the last episode) and he, in turn, has a mistrust for all the rest.  He's called out Cassie several times before so this could fall to him.  

The irony would be no one would listen to him warning everyone about someone named Cassandra!

Jennifer?  Also an excellent candidate to out Cassie.  But, tsk, Jennifer is taking her fight to the streets while she urges Cassie to return to the future.   Bad move Jen.

All in Her Head? 

Good point by Jennifer.

What if all of this is in her head?  Kyle Slade did tell Cole The Witness could get inside your head and make you think things.  Jennifer found Cassie down in the lobby going "full Nell" which was hilarious by the way.  I saw Nell in the theater and Jen's reference was pretty spot on.  

So, was that the imaginary Witness that Cassie saw in room 607?  Terry Matalas just tweeted out a highly detailed look at the Witness and big W is sporting all sort of breathing apparatus with a gauge centered amongst it.   Why bother with the breathing gear if he is nothing but an apparition?  Then again, if you are just getting a "spiritual" look at him perhaps we are looking at him as he exists in his yet to be completed time bubble of a Red Forest space.  

Here's that good look.

Not very sophisticated gear for someone who's skipped about time as often as The Witness purportedly has.  

If you look closely at the eyes beneath the mask you'll see what looks like disks.  To me, that looks awfully like the Splinter goggles like the one Dr. Jones wears.

It's certainly a nomadic look.  Something the Messengers sported in the year 2043/44.  Maybe The Witness collects things as he/she needs them as he travel through time.  

So, if Cassie physically saw The Witness in room 607, then maybe he needs all that gear just to breath in that time period.


Cassie saw The Witness in his little incomplete Bubble Universe and that's what he needs to survive there.

Or, or.

It's just a spiritual or phantom look and he is not in one place or the other.  

That's a lot to ponder.

Cassie's black eyes could be just a precursor to seeing The Witness plain and simple.  But since she drank the tea and underwent the immersion I would have to believe the black eyes indicate a much larger effect.

She's probably under his "thrall" when the eyes blacken and she'll have to do his bidding.

Here's a far out thought.  What if "seeing" The Witness actually allows him to be there.  In other words, he doesn't have to time travel per se, he can just appear if someone "sees" him in a particular time period.  

I like it.

Tell me what your thoughts are for Cassie's black eyes and how they relate to The Witness!




  1. I think her 'immersion' in the red tea made her susceptible to the Witness, who seems to need a channel into this dimension. I think maybe Cassie is now a channel. I still think the Witness exists in some pocket outside time, or in some way that he can only communicate with people in our world (in whichever timeline) through hallucinations or through channeling his energy through them. I keep thinking about the first time Cassie was given the red tea and Olivia saying about the house, You have been here before. When? In what life, timeline, whatever? Regardless, I am worried about Cassie. Good article.

    1. Thanks Susan. You seem to agree with most of my points. I wonder if that house just a way station where both can exist. I'd love to see the episode where the Witness actually tries to bring Cassie to his or her world. Nothing but trouble there!


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