Orphan Black - The Antisocialism of Sex

She nearly did it didn't?
Take the big leap.  End it all.  Pay for her sins.

Faced with the ghost of Beth and burdened with her betrayal of S and Cosima, Sarah nearly ended it all by taking that fateful plunge on to the tracks.

Just two weeks ago I discussed the possibility of Sarah's attempt with suicide in Sarah's schisms.  The pressure was building and it seemed as though Sarah was heading down the same path as Beth.  Her knowledge too great and the weight of its burden too much to endure.

Fortified with liquor, Sarah went on a classic bender.  Damn that girl can drink.  And party too.  It wasn't long before she hooked up with a couple of party predators that nearly did her in.  I had a feeling Dizzy would show up.  I was relieved to see him but, damn, she nearly did him in!

The bar scene wasn't enough for her and Sarah went into the night.

She stumbled upon the spectral image of Beth's shoes and purse just as she had left them and it wasn't long before Beth stood before her.

She looked a little disgusted too.  Arms crossed she seemed disappointed with Sarah.  

Beth had passed on her mantle to Sarah and Sarah had chosen the wrong path.

Had it all come to this?

I didn't really think Sarah was going to end it all those two weeks ago when I wrote my original piece.  As many astute observers on Facebook responded, Sarah's support group was too strong to let this happen anyway.  Beth was too isolated and paranoid while Sarah had her family and the Clone Club to lean on.

Enter Felix.

Fee did double duty on this one.  Not only did he bring Sarah back from the abyss, he delivered the crucial news to Cosima that Delphine was carried off ALIVE after she was shot!  

Damn Felix you were both Batman and Robin in this one.  

Cosima was just about to insert the Maggot-bot into her cheek.  Scott had told her the device could be used like an on and off switch to the disease and in her despair Cosima was prepared to take the plunge of her own.  Poor Scotty btw, Cosima coldly dismissed him as her lab partner when she referred to Delphine earlier.  She caught herself when she said no offense.  "Some taken actually" was his broken hearted reply.  Yeah, that one stung and I said "Ouch" as I watched from home.  Cosima was in a bad place.

But all is well as it turned out.  Disaster averted on two fronts. 

Oops, the Other Disasters

Donnie gets hauled off in handcuffs amidst a child's birthday party.  Classic Orphan Black.  I was a little perplexed Alison didn't get whisked away too.  But I guess they are saving some drama for later.

Like searching the garage and finding a body buried in it!

Alison will have to think quickly.  She's facing an abyss of her own.  What with Donnie in chains and the pending charges of the drug dealing from the Bubbles storefront.  This looks like a job for Sarah.  She's adept at cleaning up messes.  Yes, making plenty of her own.  But I think seeing Ali in such deep doo-doo will get her to refocus and this will allow her to mend the rift that has been threatening to tear her and Ali apart.

BTW, in a related matter, I have to say, watching Art give Duko a beat down was cathartic in some sort of perverse way.  Duko had it coming.


Another looming disaster is the dissolution of the Neolution effort.  (That was a tongue twister.)  Yes, Susan Duncan and her Neolutionist kin are hardly worthy of sympathy.  They are responsible for too much heartache.

It's Charlotte I'm worried about.

Rachel gave her a long look and now that she is free who knows what she will stoop too.  Susan Duncan will eventually shake out of her stupor and turn to Charlotte too.

There are three different scenarios that will free Charlotte from her doom.

  1. Helena finds out where they are and rescues her.
  2. Ferdinand learns where they are and pulls Rachel and Charlotte out.
  3. Krystal kidnaps Ira and they barter for the release of Charlotte and Rachel.

Krystal grabbing Ira is my favorite scenario.  The Clone Club will learn of this and use it to their advantage.  Of course hilarity will ensue.  How can you not have high comedy when Krystal is involved?

But I've got a crackpot theory attached to this and hopefully it will lead to a major bombshell.


Ira is the one that shot Delphine.

There may be a few holes in this but it could it explain the horror Krystal felt when she saw Ira at Brightborn.

Why didn't she just blurt it out then and there?  Why didn't she tell Felix when she spoke to him?  

We are talking Krystal here.

Oh, you're probably right, it was Ferdinand.

Maybe I should start a suspect list for who shot Delphine.  At least the good news is she will be back.


Odds and Ends

Sarah has a lot to do to mend fences with S.  She's lucky she didn't get breakfast thrown in her lap.

MK has contacted Kira.  This creeped me out a little.  Anyone else?  MK should be harmless but I don't know, I got a bit of a chill when I saw this.  We'll have to wait and see.

What was up with all the weird Swan hallucinations from Rachel?  Is her new eye accidentally tuned to the Swan channel on cable?  

She saw that equally creepy illustration in the book to start the episode.  Maybe that has a lot to do with it.

We can close with Rachel.  I loved this perspective as she learned she was free to roam around her Dr. Moreau prison.  Maybe the Swan imagery is Rachel's brain working away at connecting the original Duncan research with a little Dr. Moreau mixed in for inspiration.

Maybe she will rescue Charlotte.



  1. The Swan? Mythology, right.
    Greek to be more precise, enter the story of Leda and the Swan, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leda_and_the_Swan .
    Where do you think the picture that Rachel finds in the book that she finds when coming up from the basement comes from?

    1. Definitely Greek mythology. Are you asking me what text the picture comes from? Not sure. But if you are asking if I am familiar with the tale, then yes. Pretty erotic and a bit spooky. I wonder what it means for Rachel? Probably nothing good.


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