12 Monkeys - Lullaby

That was a really fun episode.

It had everything a TV watchin', sci-fi lovin' fan could ask for.  Romance, casualty loops, violence, call backs, movie references, revenge, Shakespeare and about three different endings.

Of course, when I saw the above image to start the episode I thought, "Okay, Hannah, here we go."

I've always been a big fan of Dr. Jones and the Hannah story line.  When I had my "sit down" interview with Terry Matalas in April I asked him the following,

 Me -"Barbara Sukowa’s Dr. Jones is a favorite character of mine.  I once posited a theory called the “Hannah Timeline” wherein she wouldn’t be satisfied with fixing time until her child survived.  Is Dr. Jones still motivated by this or have her motives changed for, “the greater good”?
Terry - "I think she’s evolving.  At the start it was about Hannah.  But the things she did last year – the Spearheard massacre – weighs on her.  But Hannah is a big motivation still.  And always will be."

Well played sir, well played.  You answered the question and you didn't.  Is that like,"Needing to do something but nothing"?

Seeing the young Hannah left me at bit stunned.  What with the baby blanket and the locket picture, I always pictured her younger when she died.  You know death right?  That "undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns."

Or not The beauty of time travel my friends.

But let's not get too far ahead.

After seeing this episode I immediately began to think of the previous one and all the victories The Witness scored.  Co-opting Cassie, damaging the Machine, the death of Eckland, Sam's disappearance and the departure of Ramse.

Most of those victories were short lived.  The only one that really stuck was Sam being taken.  (I'm assuming he was "taken".)  Yes, Eckland is gone but he wasn't really there before.  Was he?

You could count the loss of hope for Dr. Jones as a victory for The Witness also.  But that too was short lived.

So what did he gain?  (Aside from the unknown Sam factor.)

Considering some of the major plot points of this episode.  You could count these events as major victories for Team Splinter.

First and foremost we learned Time definitely has a consciousness to it and the Primary's think for it.  If we didn't learn this here then at least we had it confirmed.  

Also, Time has a thing for Dr. Jones too and would not let her die.  This was fun and it had a lot of the enjoyable aspects of "Groundhog Day."   You're in a loop, you know you're in a loop but you seemingly can't get out of it.

But hold on.  If time is on your side and it is seemingly a powerful ally.  Then why doesn't it just conspire to kill off The Witness?  You know, loop events until the The Witness dies and Time is saved.

You may say, "Well, The Witness lives outside of time so Time can't reach him."

That's not what Cassie says and she knows where he lives!

It's not that these questions spoiled the episode for me, that's Facebook's job.  It's just that I thought them pertinent or at least worthy to ask.

You may say, "Oh, Dave, you don't how time works."  You're right, I don't.  Do you?  I've always seen time as a construct.  To see it as an entity is a bit mind boggling.  I'm cool with it but I can't pretend to be an expert on it.

One of the more mind boggling aspects of time travel is yesterday (Or is it "yestertoday?  So awesome, that word is now part of my lexicon.) Hannah was dead.  Today, or if your Jones, twenty four years later, she is alive.  

Pretty clever.  If you're a fan of the "Hannah timeline" like myself then you found this very rewarding.  Is there a nit to pick?  A little one.  Did they keep all that information from Hannah those twenty four years?  Even when Jones visited The Daughter's campsite?  That must have been tough for Hannah if true.  I kind of hope it was a secret even from her.


 Kudos to Terry, Travis and their team.  How long have you been sitting on this one?

The Three Endings 

Family Ties

I've pretty much discussed the first of the big bangs that ended the episode.  The conclusion of the Hannah timeline.  Is it a conclusion?   She's back but will she stay?  
She's been indoctrinated into The Daughters for some time now and if she is anything like her mother, the mission comes first.  They could make her a recurring character.  We get a glimpse here and there.  But I have a feeling Dr. Jones will be refocused and re-energized and once again the mission will come first.

Will there be any lingering hard feelings for Cassie and Cole?  Hmm, maybe.  Perhaps subtly or even playfully.  There may be trouble if she tasks Cole and Cassie with bringing David back.

Romeo and Juliet

Was Cassie not watching the same episode as us?

Cole tells her she is his "Constant" (remember that?) and she basically responds she can't have nice things.  What are you Vanessa Ives now?  (I'll be sinking my teeth into that episode next.)  Seriously, one of the big lessons of this episode was to never give up hope.  Remember what you just did for Jones?   Sigh, Cassie must be severely damaged.  

She better not be hanging around Deacon anymore.  How would that look?  "Sorry Cole, I can't have nice things but I still like the bad boys."

Internet meltdown.

Ramse Returns

Look who's coming to dinner!

Well, maybe just drinks.  With a gun.  And a grudge.

Ramse looks pissed.  Maybe it was a look at that apocalyptic city painted red that turnd him around.

This one.

Turn around Ramse, you don't want to be swallowed by that red sea.

The man has a plan though.  Of all the characters I had a feeling the book wasn't closed between these two.

I wouldn't have blamed Cassie if she said, "Go ahead, do it."   She really seems that broken.

But despite her shattered soul she has a plan too and in Ramse she sees an kindred spirit and an ally.

To wit,

"When he was in my mind, I was in his."

"He's in a place called Titan" 

"He's there.  He feels safe."

 "We kill The Witness."

Now that's a plan.

Of all the three endings which went BOOM for you? 

(Or did you just have a meltdown?)







  1. All three! Changing the timeline to save Hannah but make Jones think she was dead for all those years = awesome. Cassie and Cole finally having "the talk" is kind of a win too. It's finally out in the open. She's got her defenses up but that could change down the line. It's obvious she reciprocates (that stiffled sob in her room) but she's not willing to take the risk or deviate from her mission focus- yet. As for she and Ramse hunting the witness, that's going to get interesting. Not committed to any one Witness true identity theory yet, but whoever it is I bet it will be someone that either Cassie or Ramse will be conflicted about killing.


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