Orphan Black - The Redesign of Natural Objects

Orange is the new Donnie.

Fresh off the raid to his household, Donnie has acquired some new sartorial splendor.  Unlike his trip to Brightborn where he at first tried to knock 'em dead with some Armani power and was then forced to shift to some west coast Starbucks/Skateboard chic.  He now finds himself dressing like one of the gang and trying to fit in with his street smarts.  

Unfortunately for him, it's not his new taste in fashion that people have an eye for.  And as for "street smarts"  well, we've seen how that's turned out in the past.



Meanwhile, while Donnie seeks to make new friends, there has been a shifting of alliances and reforming of bonds.   

While not exactly friends, Rachel and Ira find they have more in common then what separates them.  Ira finds new purpose in this and expresses his desire to live.  Rachel for her part wants to bring Ira closer.  While she wants to see Susan Duncan back at the head of the Neolutionist movement, methinks she'd rather regain the crown for herself.  Bringing Ira closer to her and further from Susan would help cement these plans.

It's good to see Cosima and Sarah back on the same page.  We're always reminded how important family ties are in Orphan Black and blood is thicker than water even if it is cloned.  Plus, it helps Cosima has found new purpose in life now that she has found out Delphine was carted off alive.

I wonder when OB will start dropping the hints as to where Delphine is?  Would they really torture their fans and save it for the last episode of the season?  How many are there left to go?  Two!

In another sign of rapprochement, MK has been brought back into the fold and for that she is grateful.  Sarah is exactly pleased with MK's methods.  Contacting them through Kira is a big no-no and Sarah verbally slaps MK for it.  This is the Sarah we want to see.  No, not being rough with MK but asserting herself as the leader of the Clone Club.  It's her rightful place.  Especially after her flirtation with the ghost of Beth and taking the wrong path.

Through the Looking Glass

Ironically enough, Sarah contacts Susan and Rachel through Charlotte and the computer.  Sarah quickly forgets using kids to get to someone else but I guess this is slightly different.  

I guess.

 Sarah seeks to forge a new path and the shifting alliances take a new turn.  


Susan and Rachel are stunned to see Sarah at the other side of the looking glass.  Rachel is slightly less than enthused as the last time she saw Sarah she got a pointed reminder at how resourceful Sarah and her team are.  For her part, Susan is thrilled to see Cosima and Sarah.  Rachel, not so much.  Susan may have made a misstep in reminding Rachel what a keen mind Cosima has for research.  With Rachel and Ira getting closer together, the shifting alliances may be turning away from Susan.  Her unwitting insults towards Rachel may prove to be her undoing.  Rachel will keep her around as long as she needs her but when that time runs out, well, Susan better steer clear sharp objects.


We get a peek through a different sort of glass when Alison brings Adele aboard to act as legal representation for Donnie.  Not only does this give the character of Adele something new to do but it forges a new alliance with the Clone Club and makes her an all important member of the family.  We'll have to see if this is a good thing or not.  I don't think we're entirely confident Adele is working for the right side.


The Neolutionists have eye on this new alliance and the pressure is mounting on Donnie.

Duko is a real stinker isn't he?

By this time he had already met with Alison in her car.  Now, time is running out and Cho and her Neolutionist ilk want to know where Sarah is as they see her as a direct threat.

The Balance of Power

The scales start to tip in favor of the Clone Club as Cosima has a eureka moment.

In a moment of pure inspiration, Cosima deduces with the contribution of fertile eggs, Sarah, and the father's contribution of DNA, Ira, they can make there on blastocyst and a cure may be within their reach once again.

The only thing wrong with this plan is Cosima going into the Lion's den.  Susan may be relatively harmless at this point.  She's more excited abut the research.  Ira's stock just went way up.  It's the disaffected Rachel they have to worry about.

I don't think everyone appreciates that yet. 

While the scales are tipping towards the Clone Club on one front, things are looking quite dire for Donnie on another.  Alison and the viewing audience are left to saying their collective prayers because it looks like Ali had to give up the location of Sarah in order to save Donnie.

Is this to be Sarah's curtain call?



I had a feeling there was a sting going on.  Alison wouldn't really give up her sister would she?  I'm not sure why the Hell Wizard had to take one for the team the way he did but I guess it was all part of the subterfuge.  


Things aren't looking so good for Duko though.

He tries to make a late appeal by giving up what he know about Evie Cho and the Neolutionist's plan.  He even tried to play the family card with S once she emptied the room.

Poorly played Duko.

This had to be a very satisfying moment for Orphan Black viewers.  Not only did we get to see a great "Sting" moment play out, but Sarah, Art and Mrs. S finally get Duko where they wanted him.

At the point of a gun.

This was a great call back moment when Mrs. S leveled her gun at Brenda a couple of seasons ago for her duplicity.   I'm not so sure having a dead cop in the basement of the comic book shop is a good thing but Duko had it coming.

As Art said, "For Beth".

Off to the Island of Dr. Moreau

Cosima and the rest of the Clone Club are taking a big gamble going off to Duncan's island lair.  As I noted before, Susan may be relatively harmless, she's too busy geeking out about a cure and working with Cosima.  What has me worried is the ever scheming Rachel.  She still has an eye for Sarah and I have no doubt she has a power play working out to replace Duncan.

Did I say eye?

Rachel is already a bit unstable, now her eye is glitching with visions of the swan.

As Greek mythology goes, Leda was raped by Zeus in the form of a swan.  This fable runs parallel with Ira's DNA being combined with Sarah's to form some interesting offspring of their own in the form of that blastocyst.

This last vision from Rachel's eye is the most alarming.

The decapitated swan is either symbolic of removing the head of the Neolutionist movement, be it Cho or Ducan, or it means cutting off the combined research of Cosima and Duncan.

It's probably both.

Two more episode left!  Will we see Delphine or Helena again?  Where is Ferdinand and what is he up to?  What of Rachel and her hallucinations?  Will the Blastocyst work?

Two episodes left!!!


  1. well, my thinking about the Swan: In Ancient Times (season 2 I think?) Ethan Duncan was in fact called Swan Man by Helena.
    And didn't the mysterious guy that showed up on Rachels Eye/Screen a bit resemble a gravely unshaved and unkept Ethan Duncan?


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