Penny Dreadful - No Beast So Fierce

So much to discuss, so little time.  I'm off on a short trip so I'm going to have to cut this a little short.  I must say, if my destination is as half as exciting as New Mexico or London for that matter, I should be in for a Hell of a time.

Let's discuss Vanessa and Dr. Sweet first.

You know, I have this prediction where Vanessa is the one that is doing all the seducing and that Dracula really will fall in love with her.  He'll have to leave London because his heart is breaking and he can't bear to do what he had planned for Miss Ives.

I don't have much of a good feeling about that anymore.

Why does sex with Vanessa have to be so bestial?

So much for the romantic era.  Dr. Sweet tells Vanessa he loves her and will protect her.  they softly kiss and then, boom!  (Or maybe, bang!)  Can't they just get a room?  Some place soft and cozy with a little romance?  

Nope.  It has to be among the creatures of the night.  "Where the Wild Things Are" have nothing on these two.  

Nothing like an audience too.  Cover your eyes Lupus Dei. 

Come to think of it.  All these creatures have been drained of blood.  That's a bad sign Vanessa.  You're next.

No, I haven't completely given up on my prediction for Vanessa.

As you can see above, she sheds tears of joy from her rapture with Dr. Sweet.  Or, perhaps not.  They could be tears of guilt having given herself over so completely and thereby ruining the life of Dr. Sweet.  Can you ruin the life of a vampire?

You can if he decides not to go through with his plan.   

Here's a thought, Dracula's plans are ruined because a jealous Lucifer spills the blood sucking beans.  That would be funny.  Hmm, it would undermine the reason to introduce Thantologist Catriona Hartegen to the show.  But maybe Dracula will seduce her instead.

"Come back to Transylvania with me and I'll teach you all about Thantology."

Oh, and speaking of Catriona's introduction.

Does that mean Mr. Lyle is off the show?  Now I'm the one shedding tears Vanessa.  I see Simon Russell Beale has another movie project in the works so maybe that's it.  Or maybe the demands of the stage call to him.  Either way I'm mad.  Please come back from Egypt soon Mr. Lyle.  (And bring something horrid with you!)

Do you know what else make me mad? 

The Wild West


You've got to be kidding me.

The death of Rusk means the dogged pursuit of a diligent and resourceful lawman was worth absolutely nothing.  His efforts to corral a creature of the night across oceans and continents were all for naught.  He suffered the loss of his partner and endured countless deaths and the privation of the open desert to bring his man to justice.

Then they kill him off.

Do you know what that means?

This whole part of the story was a plot device to get Ethan and Sir Malcolm away from Vanessa and leave her vulnerable.  That is not good story telling.

To make matters worse, Hecate is eliminated also.

Not that I thought any part of her particular plan had any hope of succeeding.  But, seriously, all her efforts were for naught too.  They kept Hecate Poole along for the ride and then just killed her off.  I liked her.  She had chemistry with Ethan a rather sad story to sympathize with.

Yes, see you in Hell my dear.

Odds and Ends

You had to like the whole "creatures of the night" explanation as stated by Dr.  Sweet.  Are they really any different than us just because their needs are not the same?  

The title of this episode comes from Shakespeare's Richard III.  "

“No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity. But I know none, and therefore am no beast.” 

No, you are man.  Or worse, not beast either.  You're a creature of the demimonde that belongs to neither world.



This didn't work out well either.   I had a feeling The Creature could not resist coming to his son.



 You should have kept your eyes closed kid.

Truly, Mr. Clare is a tortured being.

He tried to escape the demimonde and was brutally rejected by our world.  The heartbreak.

My prediction for him was for The Creature to bring his son to be treated by Victor.  The only doctor he really knows.  He did offer to get him medicine and that doesn't quite fit.   Maybe he'll have Victor come to the son.  A house call would make more sense.



I'll give Penny Dreadful a shot at redemption next week.  By the way, what did you think of Sir Malcolm's solution to the bitter father dilemma?

"I told you not to burden your son with guilt!!!"


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