Orphan Black - From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

"I win."

No, she didn't really say that but she may have well had.
How do we categorize Rachel?  Is she a greater evil than, let's say, "The Witness" from 12 Monkeys?  "Dracula" from Penny Dreadful?  "The Joker" from Batman?

Maybe all those big bads can take a lesson from her, especially in resiliency.  Despite her glitchy eye and obvious limp, Rachel once again has climbed to the top of the ladder.

What a climb it was.  She's endured the aforementioned infirmities plus, confinement on the island, Ferdinand's constant need for rough sex and her mother's dying wish that she had never made Rachel at all!

That's endurance.  Hmm, no wonder Ferdinand likes her.

She is also ready to meet Mr. Westmorland, who is apparently hundreds of years old or so.   Her diabolical machinations were enough to impress this unseen  founder of the Neolution movement.  And from what we have learned from Susan Duncan, he is getting impatient with natural selection.  Maybe it was her idea of combining Clones and Bots that won him over.

Oh, and I was just thinking, do you suppose this Westmorland once sailed with Charles Darwin?

I thought this hooded fellow might be Westmorland but now I understand he is referred to as "The Messenger."

Cool.  I was hoping for a Orphan Black/12 Monkeys crossover.  

Speaking of machinations, do we really understand what Sarah's plan was all about?  It didn't make sense for her to go it alone like that.  She, at the very least, should have taken Siobhan's right hand man with her if not Art.  (Maybe even Krystal, she always turns sunny side up.)  She played Siobhan's soft side against when she said she may need her to watch Kira in case something went wrong.

Something went wrong!

I was thinking she could have entrusted Kira with with Alison or maybe Helena.  But on second thought, maybe not.

Charlotte's plan had more merit than Sarah's.  Just get on the damned boat and get out of there!  (Boy, what an adorable kid.  How did they ever find Cynthia Galant and Skyler Wexler?)

At least Sarah won't be alone on the island.  The Messenger and his people in The Village will probably eventually find her.  If not Rachel.

So what to make of that little island community?  Those people that were milling about don't look like clones.  They are all different.  Why do they live there?  They seem to be well connected.  Certainly The Messenger knows what is going on all the time.  Maybe they are all hundreds of years old and live there through the munificence of Westmorland.

Or maybe they are all decendants of the crew from HMS Beagle.

And while we are discussing the island community...

The Reunion


We're all happy now right?

Take that Scarlett and Rhett, Rick and Ilsa or Jenny and Oliver.

One of the great on-screen romances is back together agian.  We can all breath a sigh of relief.

Naturally, they have to dangle Cosima's illness over us once agian.  But, she is in good hands and they have the cure with them.  Well, at least a starting point for the cure again.  Rachel has the definitive cure.  Then again, the zygotes have to remain a secret.  They are on the Neolutionist version of Gilligan's Island.

It makes me wonder if the Island people can cure Cosima but much like them, she will have to stay there to remain cured.  Forced immortality?  I'm not sure if I or anyone else has asked the question but, is that the Neolutionist goal?  Immortality through evolution?

Anyway, The Messanger mentioned to Delphine tha, "He is not happy about any of this."  I take it "He" is Westmorland?  At least,I would think so.  And If He is not happy does that include Rachel's power play?

You better watch it Rachel or you may get the Evie Cho treatment.

Odds and Ends

Of course it was Duko that shot Delphine.  But who is he specifically working for?  Evie Cho?  Then why did her personal doctor, Van Lier, show up to save Delphine?

We have to salute the high comedy that is a trade mark of Orphan Black

Helena and Donnie.  (Not much of Alison was there?  And no MK???)

Just look at the boys geeking out over Kyrstal.  Especially Scott.  Hey baby!

We all know Krystal has bigger boobs than Sarah.  Duh!

We all knew this was Sarah being Krystal too right?  The hair was all wrong!  (That part of the plan went well.)

Then there was this gem from Ira...


Who does that???!!!  Hilarious.  (Maybe Susan isn't into socks.)

Orphan Black will be back for a fifth and final season.  That's really good news.  There are plenty of questions still, the Island People, Westmorland, Rachel's plan, Sarah's survival, the cure and of course, Cosima's survival!

Until then.



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