Star Trek Discovery - What's Past Is Prologue

She that is Queen of Tunis; she that dwells
Ten leagues beyond man's life; she that from Naples
Can have no note, unless the sun were post—
The Man i' th' Moon's too slow—till new-born chins
Be rough and razorable; she that from whom
We all were sea-swallow'd, though some cast again
(And by that destiny) to perform an act
Whereof what's past is prologue; what to come,
In yours and my discharge.
Star Trek is no stranger to Shakespeare. (Nor Herman Melville for that matter.)  The above quote, as noted, is from "The Tempest".   A tale of political intrigue,tragedy and magic.  When employed by our favorite franchise, we can usually expect an event of great import or of dramatic impact.  

Things did happen!

In the above quote, Antonio speaks to Sebastian and what they are really discussing is a murder.  A murder to advance their own political ambitions.  Once said act is committed, then all that is to follow will be set by this stage.

So, were any "Kings" made as a result of the events of the last Discovery episode?

Certainly, one throne was lost and one was tantalizingly within reach.


For Lorca, what a strange ending to his tale.

So abrupt!   

We spent nearly a season following his journey.  The twist it finally provided may not have been much of a surprise.  But the investment into it by us wholehearted.  To see it end without much of a reward was puzzling.

It makes one think they couldn't sign Isaacs to more than one season and they had to figure out an end to his tenure and the beginning of a new story.

I, for one, was worried about his return for a new season.  It did seem as though an end was in the offing.  But, it was my thinking he would actually succeed in his coup and offer his hand in partnership to Michael Burnham.  The cliffhanger being whether to accept his offer or not and how to get the Discovery back to it's original universe.

Alas, it was not to be.

Lorca was given a villain's end complete with being stabbed through the back and gruesomely incinerated.  Did he earn such a fate?  Yes, from Terran Georgious's point of view.  He was a usurper and arch rival.  Given her harsh Terran roots stabbing him in the back was probably the least he deserved.

But from our perspective as viewers he was still a sympathetic figure.  He did rescue Burnham and Tyler.  He led his crew bravely and did the things that you would expect from a Starfleet captain.  Like saving the Pahvo.  Surely he did all this with one goal in mind, returning home to the Terran Empire.  But he never put his crew in such jeopardy that we thought he deserved a cruel death.  Was he a liar?  Absolutely.  But that does not deserve a death sentence?

Two Old Friends?

I thought it interesting that the full quote from the Tempest ends with, "In yours and mine discharge."   It speaks to a pact between two people, usually with a common purpose.  In this case, Terran Georgiou found herself with more than she bargained for!

I found the interplay between these two fascinating.  Neither of them actually had a shared past but in a sense they did.  At one point, Georgiou threatened to have Michael killed yet kept finding ways to spare her.   

For her part, Burnham had intimate knowledge of Georgiou's thinking (see above picture) and a sense of loyalty that she couldn't shake from her Prime counterpart.  As always, Burnham kept her Captains badge close by.   Did she sense Terran Georgiou had similar feelings?

Terran Georgiou sensed Burnham's loyalty to be true and honest and despite her ruthless background, decided to go into a plan with Burnham.  They were ultimately successful, including a kick ass fight scene, and in the end, Terran Georgiou was willing to give Burnham cover in order to make her escape.

As disappointed I was to see Lorca killed off I was surprised to see Burnham grab Terran- Georgiou at the point of the ship to ship transport.  

Georgiou looked rather annoyed.

I should have seen it coming but sometimes you can't see the Mycelial forest for the trees.  I'm not sure what Burnham's plan is, if she even has one.  But there were few hints from the upcoming episode teaser.

The Way Home

It's always good to see a little more Stamets/Culbert interaction.  These interludes seem to be getting shorter.  Will they soon fade away?

I didn't completely follow the science behind their return.  It seemed a little "voodoo" even by Star Trek standards.  At least a little music helped the crew on it's way.  Although, Culbert could have picked a song that didn't land them 9 months into the future!  I guess we could question his DJ skills.

So, what about that jump?  You know they will have to return to their own time right?  As there was no Spore Drive or Michael Burnham in Star Trek canon, there was no capitulation to the Klingon Empire either.  This will be interesting to explore and it seems the Emperor will lend a helping hand.  Also, some old faces they left behind will reappear too.  (Per the teaser.)

But if they do manage to turn back the clock, how much of the past can they fix?  If they landed 9 months into the future wouldn't it be theoretically possible to travel far enough into the past where Lorca would be revealed along with Tyler?  Come to think of it, Culbert could be saved too.

That's a lot to unravel and I have my doubts Star Trek Discovery  would want to go there.  Why build up all that drama and major reveals only to undo it?

Perhaps in another universe.

In a quick aside, I believe it was Stamets that referred to a "Multiverse" either before or after their time travel/universe jump.  I wonder how this is playing out across many times and dimensions?  Too much to take on?  Come to think of it, if Star Trek Discovery really wanted to play with us they'd have the return  take place in the wrong dimension/universe.  Discovery is home, just the wrong home.

Odds and Ends

As always, the special effects were pretty darn good.  From Lorca being disintegrated, to traveling between the two universes and finally, to the above scene where the spores spilled into the Drive navigation center.

It was like a wonderland or perfect snowstorm (sporestorm?) where all the little bright lights gathered to say thank you.

Or was there more to it?  Someone got a visit from Tinkerbell.

One little spore floated close to Tilly wherein it eventually landed on her and disappeared.

Hmm, was this a little clue to how the Discovery will travel back in time and fix the Klingon victorious timeline?  Tilly has always been a great friend to the spores and their role in space travel.  I wonder if they imbued her with something.  This bears watching.  (Maybe she will take over Spore navigation from Stamets.)

So who is the new Captain going to be?

Odds are it will remain Saru for the foreseeable future.  (A fitting reward for his actions.)  Here are some other candidates.

  • Admiral Cornwell.  Not sure what shape her flagship is in or if she even has one.  She's certainly qualified.
  • Emperor Georgiou.  Ha, I pity the poor Klingons if she is put in charge.  A little too bloodthirsty or win at all cost?
  •  Michael Burnham.  From traitor, to specialist, to Captain?  A long shot at best.  Still possible.
  • Stamets.  He'd hate it.
  • Airiam.  My personal favorite.  Hey, she's taken the chair before!

I wonder how the ISS Discovery is doing?

The avenue taken by Discovery to return home wasn't the same as how they got to the Terran universe.  So, shouldn't the other Disco be still out there kicking Kingon a**?  Or did they flame out their first day?  

It makes you wonder where the original Lorca is.  Tribble farmer?

I tried to capture as many as Michelle Yeoh's awesome stunts as I could.  Dodging a Phaser blast was a neat trick.  As was kicking away a knife.  Thankfully, it was put on Youtube.  Enjoy!


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