Person of Interest: A Revelation?

Have you ever wondered why the Machine doesn't talk to Finch the way it does to Root?  Harold Finch certainly has.  And far be it from Root to resist the opportunity to rub it into Finch.

I was reading a review of "The Crossing" over at the AV Club when I came upon a revelation on why the Machine speaks to Root the way "she" does.

The review picked out a certain quote from the show that went like this.....

“Let’s not pretend that John is your first helper monkey. Exactly how many guys did you go through before him?” 

Whoever wrote the review went on to say that this quote was a false flag in order to get the viewing audience to believe John Reeses' days were numbered. I thought on this and I wondered to myself, "Really?"

I thought the quote went deeper than this.  What Root is saying is the Machine has a disdain for the way Finch treats humanity.  Root indirectly gave us an insight in how the Machine thinks.  We now know there have been many "Helper Monkeys" before and they've all met a sad demise.

The Machine does not approve.

On the other hand the Machine relates to Root because Root treats her as an equal if not a higher being.  If only Finch had the same respect for all things great and small.

Do I think Root appreciates the breadth of what she just divulged?  No, I don't think she does.  But Finch may have an inkling.  He had that shocked look on his face when Root confronted him.  It was if he just realized the greater truth himself.

Poor Finch, I think he really does like Reese a great deal, it's just never been defined in such a way to him before.  Will this mean greater risks taken by Finch or will he have to intercede as he never has before in order to save one of his "Helpers".

John seems ready to step into the abyss will Finch be there to stop him?


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