Sleepy Hollow: Blood Brothers

 I thought this last episode of Sleepy Hollow, "Necromancer" was another fine entry into the series.  It was a little lighter with the humor, the stakes were higher this go around, the acting was good to very good (in other words Abbie's personality wasn't all over the place) and we got a wider involvement from an assortment of characters.  No problems right?

Ok, there was one slight problem and everyone has been talking about it.

Death is Ichabod's old buddy Bram?


I thought Death was Death.  You know, some dark avatar that stalks humanity and forces us to meet our inevitable end.  Without mercy and with great finality.


We are talking the Four Horsemen here right?  Beings of Biblical proportion?  Not an ex-running buddy that you had a tiff with over a lady fair.

I've pondered over this.  We know this was Moloch's doing and Moloch is the ultimate puppeteer. (Every show we love seems to have one.)  What if Moloch can summon Death or any of the Four Horseman but in order for them to do his bidding they have to embody or inhabit a living being in order to walk this Earth?

I'm a bit torn over the spiritual embodiment of the Four Horsemen.  I've always seen them as ghostly figures.  Beings from another plane of existence that will someday inhabit our own in whatever form they choose.

What if I'm wrong.  What if they can't walk the Earth unless they are humanized.  This isn't exactly the end of humanity and I always thought the Horsemen came at the end.  Here they seem to precede the end.  Maybe that is the diffrence and maybe that is the way Moloch has to play his hand.


So let's extrapolate upon this a little further.  Let's say Bram/Death gets his head back.  That's supposed to mean big trouble.  But what if it also exposes a weakness?  What if the return of Bram's noggin further enhances his humanity.  Yes, he will still be all out evil and vengeful but he will be more of his own man.  And if he becomes more of his own man then he will be come less of Moloch's puppet.


That would throw a monkey wrench into Moloch's grand design.  One of the Four Horseman riding around pursuing his own agenda.

Right now the demons have brought Bram and Brooks back to Moloch.  The Sleepy Hollow Scooby gang still have the head and they've come to realize that Katrina is the key.  (The new and improved Katrina.  I liked the humbler version better but that is another misstep for another blog.)  Has Moloch outwitted himself? Or is this all part of the master plan?  Ichabod seems pretty close to the edge.

I'm saying here that the Horseman will get his head back and it will give him voice.  With it he will demand satisfaction.

A duel will ensue. 

Fate will be decided great and small.


  1. Interesting post Dave. I just finally got all caught up with just tonight watching this episode you mention here. I must admit that I am disappointed in the reveal that Death is really Crane's former best friend. It certainly takes the mystery and the well, evilness out of Death to be really Crane's old buddy. I am hopeful that this is some sort of diversion for us and Crane as to distract from what is really going on. In addition, I am not quite sold that this new "weakness" of Death's is not actually Crane's weakness. Or perhaps, we learn that Katrina is pulling the strings really and has been all along. That would be an interesting twist in the road.

    I also have thought the four horsemen to be not human; however, in a couple of other shows I am just now recalling, the four were portrayed has having to taken human form. I'm not sure why that is though. Ponder more on that later. I do think the horseman will at some point obtain his head if only perhaps to lose it again. I did get quite the kick out of them trying to destroy the head. As you, I like the humor mixed in here.

    As for our "Scooby Gang" (I love that is what you called them), I am really liking the interaction, dynamics and such. It's a good mesh and I was delighted to see the captain "see the light" and also to get Abby's sister involved. Admittedly, I also love history and am getting quite a kick out of all this "history" we get in this show. So, bottom-line is that I am really enjoying it.

    That's all I have for now.......... Thanks

    1. Hi Kristin, good to hear from you again.

      Having the Horseman be Ichabod's old friend does let the emotional air out of the room doesn't it? I'd rather Death be something impenetrable, fearsome and beyond human comprehension. To have Death as something this tangible is much less scary. Hopefully they have a plan and maybe it does have something to do with Moloch's grand design. (If he has one.)

      I can see the Horseman regaining his head only to lose it once again. "Not again!" Brooks would shout.

      The only thing I didn't like about Jenny partnering with Capt. Irving is that it took the mystery out of her character much like what happened to the Horseman. I'd rather have her operating out of the shadows as some sort of wild card or free agent. I thought they had positioned her as the lone wolf type.

      Glad you're liking the show and were able to rejoin our own little Scooby gang. See ya!

  2. Oh yeah, by the way.... Abby has taught Crane about cell phones, laptops (sort of) and various other modern things; yet they can't update his clothes?? lol

    And I meant to ask, what did you think of the use of the four decapitated heads?

  3. Interesting indeed. What if the four horsemen are really just the "secretaries" for Death? You know, they set up the office, get the coffee, get the people ready, and THEN death comes and does its thing. Seriously. The Boss (or sub-Boss) might not always want people to know who he or she is...

    Or, perhaps one has to define what death really is, which is, of course, a really big question. But perhaps relevant in this show... Maybe Death appears in the form of a terrible guilt, in which case that might work, since Ichabod obviously has guilt over his relationship with Katrina.

    I really am enjoying this show more than I thought. Tom Mison's acting abilities are really excellent, and the police chief is doing a great job with his part too. Reminds me of the head of Fringe Division... He names escapes me (apologies)...

    David, may I ask, are you (or do you plan to) reading S.? As well, are you watching Revolution at all?

    1. I'm kind of thinking that Moloch is the "Boss" Ingrid. At least I hope so. Somebody deliciously evil better be in charge!

      Death as guilt would be incredible. I like that idea. Not only does it serve the individual but the collective guilt of humanity also. It would be the reason we never learn from our mistakes and are doomed to repeat them. Like having war after war. We try to fix things driven by our guilt only to keep making the same mistakes. Let's hope the writers read this blog and throw everything into a rewrite.

      You mean Philip Broyles? Have you ever heard of "Black Lieutenant Syndrome". It's where an African American is cast in a central or powerful role and then is given nothing to do. Thankfully Lance Reddick broke that mold that had endured for decades. Let's hope Orlando Jones' Captain Irving doesn't get swallowed by that trap. This show has been great with giving people of color substantial things to do.

      And, oh yes, Tom Mison is terrific. Did you see my response to Lynne where I would like to see Mison portray Sherlock Holmes? His nervous tics remind me a lot of the Johnny Lee Miller Holmes from Elementary. Do you watch that?

      As far as "S" goes, I really don't know. I've got a stack of books to get to but I have been following your Facebook missives. You sound very impressed.

      Thanks Ingrid!

  4. Hi Dave,
    Figured I get this in just under the wire. This Bram thing is a curious development. While it’s interesting that Ichabod now has a personal reason to be conflicted and guilty about fighting Bram/Headless/Death, it does make the world seem smaller. Before they were blood linked and they couldn’t kill each other without risking themselves. But even now, according to Andy, Ichabod is still not Bram/Headless/Death’s to kill. Kinda takes the teeth out of the villain doesn’t it? Also the fact that zombie Andy is more in the know than Death seems odd. So other than get his head back what is Bram/Headless/Death’s purpose? Simply to gather the other 3 riders? The idea that Death took over Bram’s body to become a physical being is interesting. It makes me wonder if someone close to Abbie (as the other witness) will suffer the same fate. Is this Luke’s elusive purpose? I hate to mention this possibility since we like her, but turning Jenny into one of the horseman would be a fantastic twist.
    Can’t watch live tonight, going to the Bruins game :) - Lynne

  5. Heeey, You've got me thinking! Who else has lost their head on the show? Sheriff August Corbin! Bring back Clancy Brown to be the nemesis to witness Abbie. That would be awesome. Hmmm, does he have to have his head to be another Horeseman? I say, yes. So there is a reunion of sorts that has to go between Sheriff and pate. Ok, I'm weird.

    But, you are right, the teeth have been taken out of the Horseman's disembodied head. Such a shame. He seemed so much fearsome before.

    Jenny as a rider? Geez, I hope not that would seriously effect my crush on her. Unless of course they dress her up like Stevie Nicks or something. Nah, I still don't like it. Hands off Bear on Person of Interest and no touching Jenny!

    Zombie Andy is more in the know because I think he is closer to Moloch. He seems to be in synch with what Moloch is thinking while the Horseman is just a puppet. More reason to be disappointed in his evolution.

    Bring back a W from tonight's Bruins game!


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