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So,the Immortals are really the undead from another planet that have transcended their ghostly plane to live here on earth but have to die 10,000 time in order to remain immortal and that's why they were looking for a cure from Hatake!

Phew!  Let me catch my breath.  

Do I really believe that?  No, but I recognize the actor, Robert Naylor, that played ghost, Stevie Atkins from SyFy's "Being Human."  So, naturally he must be a ghost from another planet in Helix right?

I'd believe just about anything right now.  Ghostly beings from another plane of existence?  Sure why not.

Do I like that Naylor's character, The Scythe, is an assassin about to reap anyone that gets in his way?  The jury's out on that one but I'm leaning towards not really.  I don't like the shift to the murderous macabre.  Spooky I can take but a bloody Spartacus like turn I don't think I would like.  I love the camp and crazy of Helix but bloodletting for it's own sake I can do without.

Having "The Scythe" on board does raise an interesting question though.  Is his job to keep the Immortal 500 at 500?  I wonder if their immortality also depends on their limited numbers.  As if there can only be 500 because of their limited food supply.  No, that can't be it.  Gunnar said they could sustain temselves with food and water.  We know that isn't in short supply.

His particular "tool of trade" looks ominous though.  The better to lop of heads with and we all know that when an Immortals head is removed that's the ballgame!

Unless the head is saved in a jar of course, then Hatake will bring you back with his miracle cure all that he picked up studying The Willis Hypothesis.

Now that's believable.

I do like the idea that the Immortal 500 has to stay at 500 I just can't figure out why yet.  If true, this may explain the tears Hatake shed during the episode, "Aniqatiga."   He may have been crying because Julia would now be a target of The Scythe because they've gone over their limit.

That doesn't bode well for Sarah.  Now that she is a member of the Silver Eyed Club does that put her on Stevie's, I mean, The Scythe's short list?

Of course, Hatake could have been crying because he now knows Julia will have to die 10,000 times in order to remain immortal as Gunnar explained to us.  What father wouldn't cry for that?

Do you suppose that Julia, Sarah and now Peter will get exempt status from The Scythe because of their hybrid nature, part mortal part immortal?  


Yeah, that probably put them at the top of the list.  Which would mean that The Scythe's real job is to keep the bloodline pure.

That's probably it but I'm holding out hope that the Immortal 500 has to remain at 500.  Sutton got ticked off she found out Hatake had worked on a second virus.  Which would mean the original virus was to eradicate mankind.  Do the 500 need a planet all to themselves?  Is there a resource here they can't share with 7 billion people?  Would the Narvik B virus allow humanity to coexist with the 500?

We have two episodes left the season to find out.

Oops Department.

When the Illaria army was making it's fast (and fake) approach to the ABS base we got a quick glimpse of the satellite antenna.  You can see it in the screen grab immediately above and in the far right side of the frame.

Who fixed that?  Didn't Sergio knock that thing down?  A continuity mistake by the Helix production people?  Did I miss something?

*Spoiler Section*

Don't read if you want to have total surprise for the next Helix episode.

I accidentally found out that by virtue of the internet that Hatake is 500 years old.  This information originally came from the teaser which I had missed.  Oh well.

So what happens when you subtract 500 years from the current timeline? You get the year 1514 which is the time when Ponce de Leon was searching Florida for the fountain of youth.


I said it was a spoiler.


  1. I skipped over the spoiler part... :-)

    I honestly don't find they have shifted to a murderous macabre... It has always been there, in my humble opinion. There was a lot of it this episode, granted, but it's nearly the end of the season so.... grab them video-playin', Grand Theft car-stealin' young'uns while y'can! :-D

    I really like the idea of having a limit at 500. That sets the stakes quite nicely all around. That young kid as the Scythe... I haven't been able to buy it yet, but I will say this: for all it's small faults, Helix is very good with characters, overall. I'm not even sad that Sarah is back... go figure.

    Speaking of Sarah... So she is an Immortal? But then, does that mean that all those people they had saved would have been immortal as well? Then that makes perfect sense that the 500 want to kill everyone. No fun when everyone is the same. But the why is Julia so different? Why can't Hatake save everyone? What did I miss there?

    I REALLY hope this show gets a second season.

  2. "Grand Theft car-stealin' young'uns." Oh my aching back. You're probably right they use aspects of Helix to reach a certain demographic. Not my demographic. I prefer my demographic to orbit around all things Jeri Ryan. And they cut her head off!!!

    Helix is good with their characters. Have they reached 500 of those yet? Getting there! Even the lesser ones are filled out, like Duchamp. And they killed him off too! Argh!

    I'd have to assume that Sarah is immortal now. Hmm, is there such a thing as semi-immortal? And yes, I would imagine everyone cured is immortal also. Enter the Scythe! Chop Chop!

    If there is a ceiling to the amount of immortals running around I wonder if they are frozen at the age they are immortalized at. Such as vampires are. I meant to include that point in this post but I think I'll just make it a point of discussion on the Helix Facebook page.

    Good question about Hatake and curing everyone. I think his route was making them Vectors first and that wasn't very appealing.

    I'm confident we'll see a season two of Helix.

    Thanks Ingrid!


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