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The latest episode of Helix was another mind bender wherein we inched closer to solving all the mysteries set before us.  And if you believe that I have some lake front property I want to sell you.

You can't completely solve mysteries on TV or else you'd reach the end point of your series and hopefully Helix is far from that.  The next episode of Helix is entitled, "Fushigi" which is Japanese for "Secret".  If there is anyone with more secrets than Hatake then I will buy someone else's lake front property.

Hatake is Japanese for "Field" which ties in nicely with my last blog post where I theorized Hatake was experimenting with genetically splicing plant life with that of human life in the context of the Willis Hypothesis.  Fields are often filled with vegetation or if you will, act as a garden of sorts.  Hence the title of this post.

Once again, as we did in the last episode and in many others, we get a good look at Hatake's office where plant life is often placed about.  In this particular we get a piece of statuary in the form of a bust which is directly behind Julia in the topmost picture and in front of Hatake in the picture directly above.

It definitely seems Asian in origin and since Hatake is Japanese I'm assuming it is representative of either a Japanese Shinto deity or perhaps a Japanese Buddhist deity.  Also since it is placed conveniently near some of Hatake's plant life it probably is a deity related to the harvest or fertility.

The Shinto deity of the harvest in Inari Okami.  She is closely related to fertility and agriculture as well as industry and rice.  The above frame sees Inari in a field of rice with her companion animal the fox.

What I would really like to know, is that tray of vegetation next to Hatake and Julia pictured above is of rice or not?  If seems possible although they don't exactly look like rice plants.  Hatake doesn't necessarily have to be genetically experimenting with rice but it would tie in nicely with Inari.

The bust next Hatake also could that of Dakiniten or Dakini-ten.  Dakiniten was imported to Japanese Buddhism from the ancient Tibeten Buddhism.  Dakiniten or Dakini is translated as, "She who traverses the sky" or "Sky Dancer" or "Sky Walker."  For any of you that follow the theory that the Silver eyed people are aliens or that Hatake is working on an alien/human hybrid this may be exciting news.  Anyone that dances from the sky or walks from the sky could easily be seen as Aliens to ancient religions.  Both Anari and Dakini are often pictured with Foxes and Inari is also referred to as "Star Fox" in contemporary popular culture.  The foxes pictured with Inari are characters known as "Long life" or "Good luck."

Hatake may be wishing for some good fortune by honoring Inari or the bust of Inari may be a wink at "Long Life" which would please many of the theorists out there that Hatake is experimenting with making man immortal.

Here's a bizarre twist.  Also in my previous post I posited that people with the silver eyes eventually have to shave their teeth down lest they be discovered as the mutants or hybrids they are.  I also suggested that is why Sutton had Julia muzzled because she knew Julia would eventually exhibit the sharpened teeth and would pose a unique danger.

The Dakiniten of Japanese religion comes from the Bhuddist Dakini which draws it's roots from the ancient Hindu legend of the Kali a female imp that was known to feed on human flesh.

See where I am going with this?

What if Hatake has a bust of Inari or Dakiniten because he knows she is so closely related to the plant/human hybrid he is working on or sadly because she is also related to the flesh eating imp that this hybrid has evolved into!

Hopefully, Hatake is working at genetically splicing that monstrous quality out of his hybrids and good ol' Inari Okami is there for good luck.  It looks like Hatake is going to need it.

Believe me I know the biggest and most obvious "fushigi/secret" revealed in this episode is that of Hatake being Julia's father.

Sure you were "very young" when that picture was taken of you, you "immortalist/vampire", "plant/human hybrid alien" you!!!  You think Julia bought that lame excuse?

What are you?  What are your people?  What are your mutant hybrid people?

Now that is one big fat fushigi?!!!

Of course the aforementioned deities have a lot to do with fertility and in this context it could mean human fertility and family.  God knows, Helix loves it family.  We have the Hatake family that is made up of Hatake, Jaye and Julia of which Daniel is the adopted son.

We have the family of Anana of which Miksa and his twin brother Tulok are members.  And now by extension Hatake is a member of due to the adoption.

If you wish to expand on this further Hatake is now a member of the Anana family by that same extension and the family tree extends to Alan and his bother Peter since Alan used to be married to Julia and he and Peter both have had, ahem, relations with Julia.

One step further?  Okay, what if Anana and Sergio eventually have relations, which seems to be the way they are going, and they have a child?

One big happy family!

Way to go fertility goddess, you are rocking the Helix family tree!

Did I leave anyone out?  Oh right, Sarah, who did she have relations with Alan?  Hello!  No wonder Julia is giving him the evil eye.  That little secret spilled out at the end.

Ah, family life and make believe homes.

Helix, you are definitely playing with our heads.

(Ooops, did I say heads?!!)


  1. Dave,it felt rushed, stilted and predictable.I'm sure I missed a lot because I found it hard to pay attention. Julia was so stiff; the dialogue was awkward. I'm not sure I can get back to it.

    1. That's all right Linda you don't have to love it. For fans of sci-fi and TV in general like us we've seen it all before. Everything is derivative. I loved the TV show Fringe so much because of the courageous turns it took. Still, I recognized many influences that inspired it and the work it borrowed from. It's no different with Helix. It's all about execution. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'll be disappointed if it's about Aliens or Vampires or even immortals. Been there. I think that's why I've gone with the mutant plant/human hybrid. Please, something new and interesting.

      Fingers crossed, thanks for the feedback Linda!

  2. Dave your blog is amazing!!!! I look forward to it every week. You are the bomb, dude!!

    1. Ha, thanks Tanila,much appreciated. I think I spun a little out of control near the end. I was hungry and I'm afraid it showed. Still, there are some ideas there and I love how we all get to share.

      See you on FB!

  3. Hi Dave,

    I think you are spot on with the plant stuff and the Asian history is interesting. That being said this episode left me a little cold. (bad pun I know) The reveals kinda felt flat to me, we sort of figured out this part already. I mean about Julia's heritage. Other than Jane being her mom, the rest of it was not that shocking. The big questions about the "why" of it all remain. Sara's affliction of convenience is back, yay. My guess is that since she is terminal anyway, she will stay behind and blow the base while the others escape. I am annoyed that I am supposed to be rooting for Sergio's redemption, he killed Doreen, not cool. The only thing I found interesting was the vector's social behavior with Peter, although what that means is also still a mystery. PS, having worked with infectious pathogens, keeping them in a sub, sub, sub, basement floors away from your lab is completely impractical. Perhaps these were the backup vials, but still.


    1. Hi Lynne,

      Bad puns are an imperative! The more the better.

      I've heard a lot of criticism about the "reveals" for this episode. I guess its just one of those times where the show has to catch up to where the audience already is. That's not exactly a good thing for a series but as we all know, it happens.

      Here's a thought that I would like your feedback on. Hatake is revealed to be Julia's father (duh!) and when the pieces of the photograph are put together she sees her mother is the woman known as Jaye. Maybe I missed something but did not Julia ever know what her mother looked like? And if she did, shouldn't she have recognized Jaye as her mother? Why was she surprised by that? She remembered the family vacations in Montana but not what her mother looked like?

      Yes, the Sergio redemption journey is a pain. You could tell from the beginning they were trying to pair off Anana and Sergio and their budding relationship is on the fast track. She knows he's an evil scumbag but little hearts dance about her head whenever she looks at him.

      The resolution to all of this? Kill Anana off. It'll be his fault too, maybe an error of omission. Maybe he'll try to do the right thing and it will still go wrong and she'll die. The tragedy! Hopefully he'll really go dark then and maybe even save Sarah. (Or blow her up too.) Daniel/Miksa will hate him again and will have that conflict as a constant backdrop.

      Well, that is what I would do. (Oh, and kill of Tulok too.)

      See what I mean about the (wolf) pack menatality when it comes to Peter's new role?!!!

      Ha, the pathogens are completely isolated and inaccessible except for some bit role player that is now sneaking off the base with them


      Thanks Lynne!

  4. Ha! the whole Julia/Jaye inconsistancy didn't even occur to me! Yes, how can she remember Montana, but not her mom!!!! Frankly I think she had some memory wiping/insertion nonsense ala Agent Coulson and Tahiti on Shield. Faux basement cabin or not. So whatever, they were her parents. The real question is why was her past covered up in the first place, what are the silver eyes and why does she have them, and why did Hitake lure her back to the base? He could have called her back at any time to "awaken" or "impart" her viral immunity. Why wait until then? Because TV I guess.

    Yes, the wolfie behavior of the vectors and Peter was the most interesting part of the episode. Wish they had explored it more.

    So is the mole scientist with the vial the same guy who played the preist with the mouse on Arrow this week? Kinda cheap to throw him in this late in the game out of nowhere.

    Sergio, I hope he ends up frozen in the field of monkeys.

    Maybe tonight will be interesting?-Lynne

    1. The memory wipe nonsense would be their only way out of this plot hole unless I missed something. A little strange in my book. We know Julia didn't grow up in a bubble because she presumably went to med school etc. got married to Alan and her fling with Peter, not to mention working for the CDC. Yet nothing on her mother. Riiiight. Because TV!!! Ha!

      Hatake did say to Sutton he thought Julia was a mutation but Sutton called bullshit. But Sutton could never piece together the importance of Julia? Duh! Why not??? Because TV??? (Love that btw.)

      Someone on Facebook called Peter a God now that he is leading the Vectors. That's a bit much. Wolf pack leader at the very least, but a God? C'mon. That's Facebook for you. Over the top on everything.

      I thought the Priest looked familiar, you think it is the same guy? He'll be on Falling Skies next.

      Sergio, head of the flying monkey brigade. Flaming flying monkey brigade that is.


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