Helix - Dans L'ombre - Initial Reaction

Do you think we'll ever get tired of saying, "I didn't see that coming?"

Not when it comes to Helix and hopefully when season two comes around this mind warping series will keep the good times rolling.  (Along with the the heads!)

I'm going to blog on this season finale in more depth but I wanted to get something out asap because I know the Helix world will be buzzing about his entry both inside and outside the Arctic circle.  I'll be back either Sunday or Monday with a more in depth examination or perhaps just pile on to this one.

*Spoilers*  *Spoilers*  *Spoilers*

This past episode of Helix was titled Dans L'ombre, which loosely translated from the French means, "into or in the shadows or dark."  I had mused on Facebook if this meant one or more of our characters would go over to the dark side or would darkness fall over all?

Oh, I think we got our share of the dark side and it was for all!  Was there anyone smiling by the end of this episode?

Yes, there was.

Who'd a thunk Julia would join the Ilarian mafia? When she kissed Alan near the end, I think Alan should thank his lucky stars it wasn't the kiss of death.  One of the final scenes looked to be a board meeting of the Ilaria corporation and at the head of the table was an empty seat.  "Oh good" I thought to myself, "We're going to see who the big bad is."  In walks Julia.  (I don't suppose they call her Jules at these little get togethers.)

Julia looked resplendent in her red power suit as she strode into the meeting.  She also looked rather pleased with herself.  If you're an optimist you can tell yourself Julia is going to tear Ilaria down from the inside out and she's working one of the great long cons in TV corporate history.

But since Helix is simply dripping like black goo with negativity I'd say she's gone over to the dark side.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely?  And this is after Spencer killed her mother?  She did give Alan the canister and told him to "find her" as she booted him out of the helicopter so she must know he's out there and he has the cure/virus so why isn't Alan dead?

Since they are both in Paris maybe she'll give him an offer he can't refuse

Speaking of the dark side and "I didn't see that coming" Peter's been there all along.

Boy, this guy holds a grudge.  Did Alan smash any of his National Science awards?  Pete's been working with Ilaria all along even to the point of becoming a Vector for them.  What do they have hanging over his head ala Hatake?  Or is he in it to win it?  (Peter is responsible for the destruction of the ABS base with everyone in it.  I'll get to who lives or dies in the next post.)  By the end however he seems to be working with Alan in the shadows.  Did he switch sides again or is he keeping an eye on Alan.  If he's working for Ilaria still, why hasn't he ratted out Alan's whereabouts and have Scythe/Spencer do his dirty work?  Is Julia staying his hand?  (Hope for her after all?)


"Your people have been doing this for centuries with your witch trials and inquisitions" 

So spake Spencer as he made good his escape.  "Your people".  Hmmm, are you and your silver eyed immortals that set apart Spencer?

Did you know, Ilaria is an extinct genus of marsupial of the family Ilariidae, dating from the Late Oligocene of South Australia. Its diet consisted of leaves." ?  So maybe like marsupials, the Immortals really are set apart from the rest of humanity and evolved separately.  This ties in the Willis Hypothesis and the "Age and Area" theory.  Australia is the home to the marsupials where they evolved or mutated given the boundaries or barriers of that island nation.  An interesting parallel this may explain where Ilaria gets its name.  

There was also a Saint Illaria.  I got this from "Feminae: Medieval Woman and Gender index.

  •  The Life of St. Ilaria [translation of a traditional account of St. Ilaria from "Meterikon," Volume 4, Edition of the Sacred Monastery of Panagia of Evros (Alexandroupolis, 1993); the story recounts that Saint Ilaria, the daughter of King Zeno, escaped to Egypt to live as a male ascetic in the desert; her sister, possessed by a demon, was brought to Egypt for healing; Ilaria healed her and was forced to reveal her identity to her father; he rejoiced and regretfully allowed her to return to her life in the desert as the eunuch Ilarion].

Kind of sounds like Julia doesn't it?  What with discovering her father and being two different people now, mortal/immortal and good versus evil.

Okay I'll be back soon with more and Helix will return with a newborn from Sarah.  Silver eyes or no?

(We should all chip in for a "Kiss my Bass" baby cap for the baby shower.)


  1. Can't wait for your expansion on this episode!

  2. Oh now that is really interesting. I have a couple of books on women in medieval times, now I have to go look. Excellent point, Dave!

  3. A twisty one for sure. OK am I the only one that burst out laughing when Alan chucked Sutton's head into the helicopter? For whatever reason that struck me as hilarious. A little disappointing that we didn't meet the big bad behind Ilaria, at least not the one in charge during the artic base escapades. A casting choice for another season perhaps.


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