Arrow - "The Climb" & Theories!

First of all, please allow me to blow my own horn a little.  I successfully predicted who killed Sarah back on October 15th.  Here is what I said...

"Okay, ready for the real shocker as to the secret identity of the masked archer above?   Here's my crackpot theory."

 "Thea Queen."

"I'd love it.  I don't know about anyone else, but I would.  Why not have her return in the thrall of the Dark Archer.  She may be Malcom's way of getting out of debt with Ra's al-Ghul and her first assignment as proof of her fealty is to kill the allies of the Arrow.  That would definitely be a dark twist."

The one fly in my soup was the "Masked Archer" I referred to.  He was just a red herring for the viewing audience.  You can read my original blog post here where I list all my suspects as to who killed Sarah culminating in my Thea prediction.

Okay now for another theory, how does Ollie survive his fight with Ra' al Ghul?

Spoilers ensue.

You're sure?

Last chance.

Okay ready?

Somewhere deep inside Ollie lurks the Atom.  It's a bit obvious if you think about it.  Felicity meets with Ray, Ray tells her he wants to save people, Felicity meets with Ollie before he leaves, Ray "jumps aboard" Ollie.

Plus if you look back to the most recent episode of "The Flash," Firestorm was introduced and by the end of the episode he appears to rescue Barry.  I roughly see the same thing happening her although we will have to wait till January to see what happens to Ollie.

So, in the trailer for the next Arrow episode we see a pair of legs approach the fallen Ollie.  My first suspect is that it is Maseo.  He may well retrieve Ollie and bring him to a Lazarus Pit and blow my Atom theory out of the water.  That's okay.  We'll see.

I'll put together a list of suspects as to who I think the legs belong to soon.  Tatsu?  Thea?

Stay tuned.


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