Spectre - Teasing The Trailer

I'm a little late on this one.  The teaser trailer for the next James Bond film, "Spectre" came out March 27th.  But since I'm such a big fan I'm going to have a go at dissecting the footage anyway.

Our teaser opens with a river view of MI6 and it is still in a state of "disrepair" to say the least.  There has been some "spy" footage of Daniel Craig and Rory Kinnear taking a Royal Navy motor launch along the Thames so this perspective may be from that scene.  Their arrival from the river may suggest they plan on entering MI6 from the Thames at a location that still remains secure and out of view of prying eyes.

A scene with Moneypenny is next and she delivers to Bond a small wooden box containing "personal affects" from "Skyfall." Forensics thought it worthy to go through the burned out wreckage of Bond's ancestral home.  Perhaps they were looking for clues relating to Bond's conflict with "Silva" from the Skyfall movie and how they may be related to MI6 being compromised and the nature of the threats to the previous "M" played by Judi Dench.  Do they not trust Mr. Bond?

The scene quickly dissolves into a look a 007's new accommodations.  I say new because there are still packing boxes on the floor, the pictures remain un-hung and the furniture is quite sparse.  It seems Bond doesn't own a tablet or Kindle as there are many books about the sofa where Bond sits.

Bond seems relaxed in his robe but not so casual that he is partaking in a martini.  The box has his full attention.  Bond isn't quite alone nor are his thoughts of the previous M too far as it seems the "British Bulldog" she gave him as a keepsake is on the coffee table with him.

Moneypenny provides the voice over as Bond examines the detritus of Skyfall including a document signed by what seems a relative of Bond's and authorizing his temporary guardianship to an 'Oberhauser" family.  Accompanying the document is a damaged photo of a grown man and two young boys of similar age.  Bond seems to be the one visible to the right of the adult but the face of the other boy is conveniently missing. 

Moneypenny cites this document as a secret because he, "Can't tell anyone, because you don't trust anyone."

I'm going to take a leap here and suggest Bond may want to keep his connection to this Oberhauser family a secret because if he has even the slightest inkling the Oberhausers are even remotely connected to some international terrorist organization it may have precluded any hope of Bond joining MI6.

Just a guess.

Our teaser moves to mountain lake shrouded in grey.  A lone figure in a boat moves along this lake until a mountain chalet is visible in the distance.

We hear a familiar voice as the figure disembarks and approaches the chalet, "I always knew death would wear a familiar face, but not yours."  Bond is revealed as the boat occupant and he proceeds through the chalet with gun drawn.  Whoever is there seems to have taken up residence in secret as the chalet is open to the elements and occupied by birds.  (Two crows as a harbinger of two deaths perhaps?) Repairs to the chalet would signal someone was living there and that would not do.

We dissolve into a scene from Rome (they are filming in Rome so this is an educated guess) and it looks like we are seeing a profile of Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra.  Sciarra looks to be dressed for a funeral and her surroundings suggest it a funeral of great import as the setting is quite substantial.  Is the Vatican officiating over this ceremony?  Is the departed so important that they would do so?  This would suggest the departed may have been someone of international renown.  A Spectre connection?

The voice over continues and we hear Bond in conversation in the chalet.  He refers to a meeting he attended wherein the other player's name came up.  Interspersed with the chalet footage is a scene of Bond's Aston Martin moving through the darkened streets of Rome or quite possibly Vienna since they are filming in Austria and the Oberhausers take residence there.

The figure is "flattered that London is still talking about" him and Bond reveals it wasn't MI6 and presents the figure with a ring bearing the emblem of Spectre.

The meeting it can be construed was that of the super secret organization of Spectre.  Bond may have used the ring to gain access to the organization's meeting.  As the conversation in the chalet continues the other figure opposite Bond is shown to be "Mr. White" from "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace."

We can now look back to the point in the teaser where Mr. White exclaimed that "Death would come with a familiar face."  He didn't think it would be Bond.  I think the lengths that Mr. White went to hide himself reveals that he didn't fear MI6 or even Quantum, he feared the familiar face of Spectre.

"You're a kite dancing in a hurricane Mr. Bond."

As we gaze upon the battered and disheveled face of Mr. White he utters the aforementioned quotation.  I take this quote to mean that Bond has engaged himself in something far greater than he can comprehend let alone handle.

The scene leaves the chalet returns to the mysterious meeting hall. As Bond moves to the edge of a balcony overlooking the meeting's table a new voice intones, "Welcome James, it's been a long time.  But finally here we are."

The speaker at the head of the table is only seen in silhouette but it is obviously that of actor Christopher Walz whom IMDB cites as Oberhauser. 

When he says "Welcome James, it's been a long time. But finally here we are." I think he is referring to a family reunion of sorts since the Oberhauser's had guardianship over Bond and the Walz character is Bond's long lost "brother."  But I also take it to mean that enough clues, barely enough clues, were left behind so Bond would finally confront Spectre.

Spectre is infamous for setting one group against another and then picking up the pieces to suit their own ends.  By trying to co-opt Bond and bring him into their fold I think they mean to set Bond against MI6 and remove them from the playing board that is the world stage.

Either that or MI6 removes the threat of Bond and Spectre wins either way.

I'll leave you with this image of the Rome filming car chase that looks spectacular.

Spectre opens November 6th 2015


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