The Consultant Fringe Fries!

Awesome Easter Eggs!

Let's start with something obvious.  You had to love the Artz reference in this past episode.  Sure the spelling was slightly off, but we are talking JJ Abrams here and the connection between Aartz corporation and the character Artz from Lost is too cool to ignore.  Plus it involved a plane crash!

"The Consultant" also contained several Sherlock Holmes references.  Walter cited, "The dog that didn't bark" which was the famous line from the Holmes adventure, "Silver Blaze".  Walter was incredulous that no one had heard of Sherlock Holmes in the Red universe (that is a mystery) but did you know that Holmes was often referred to in his stories as the, "Worlds First Consulting Detective"?  A very nice tie in to our episode title.

Do you think our friends at Fringenuity knew when the chose the theme for this past episode, "Across the Universe" that the lyrics from the famous Beatles song included,"Nothings Gonna Change my World"?  A bit of foreshadowing perhaps considering the fate of the two universes!  I bet they did know.

Good to see another ship reference.  As Walter and his team head toward Liberty Island we see ships coursing through the harbor.  A clever reference to the ship we saw in the episode "Nothing as it seems".

I've got a few more up my sleeve but the Sox are on and I need to catch up on the game!  Check back here soon!


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