Round Up The Usual Suspects on Fringe!

In keeping with our Casablanca theme from the episode "Letters of Transit" Josh Jackson has dropped a little tease saying we are going to see a familiar face in the season four finale of Fringe.  "Someone huge" he told E Online.

So let's round up the usual suspects and try and figure out who it might be.

William Bell should be our prime suspect.  Leonard Nimoy is a huge star and played a pivotal character in the show.  His return out of retirement would be huge!  But his return was kind of spoiled by his ambered preview in "Letters" so it wouldn't be much of a surprise would it?

Thomas Jerome Newton.  Why do I have such a man crush on this guy?  Probably because he was so deliciously evil.  Not only did he confound Olivia but Fauxlivia as well.  Anyone that can dream of electric sheep is a-ok in my book.  But "huge"?  I wish!

Charlie Francis.  The honeymoon is over for our favorite bug infested boy.  Back to work Charlie.  Of course it would be the Red Universe Charlie.  Who cares!  This would be "huge" for Fringe fans.

Agent John Scott. This would be huge.  He's dead right?  I keep wondering when Walter's re-animation experiments will return.  You know, the one with the dove from the beginning of the season.  Agent Scott is still on ice with Massive Dynamic.  Maybe Walter can bring him back for some useful knowledge from beyond the grave.  Gulp!

Miranda Greene the lawyer from "Olivia In the lab withe the Revolver."  This would be huge for Josh Jackson in that the two are engaged to be married.  She is a huge star too but, hmm, her character is dead.  Rats!  Guess we'll have to get the Red Universe version.  She played Helen in the movie "Troy" so that fits with my Trojan horse scenario.  Plus her name is Greene.  C'mon green universe!

Agent Jessup.  Of course Agent Jessup!  Don't we all miss her?  We never got to give her a proper send off so this is fitting.  Who's to say Josh Jackson doesn't have a sense of humor and this is his idea of "huge".

Captain Lincoln Lee.  The poor guy's desk chair isn't even cold yet.  There was a lot of gnashing of teeth and hand wringing when he died.  Is it too soon to bring him back?  We never saw the body.  But is this "huge"?  Probably not.

Any ideas from the reading public? Is Brandon huge? Henry Higgins? August? Carla Warren? John Mosley? Nick Pratt?  Have I left anyone out?

Share your thoughts and let me know what you think.


  1. Hey Dave! Man... This had my brain reeling! I love stuff like this! I think the most logical prediction to this question is William Bell. However, I love being outlandish, so I'm going with John Scott.
    For one: We've had so many throwbacks to season one in season four, that Agent Scott would fit right into that!
    Two: He was directly linked to the pattern / ZFT / David Robert Jones (remember his secret office space with all those boxes of information). Perhaps we'll see him via the deprivation tank? I'd love for that oldie, but goodie to get some use!

    So. My guess is John (even though logically it's probably Bell)! I can't wait to find out who it is :)

  2. The only real open thread is a young William Bell.

  3. I'm changing my answer!

    Sam Weiss is coming back. That's my prediction.

    1. Nice! Why didn't I think of that? That's it, I quit. (Sniffing glue that is) (Airplane reference.)


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