Oh Fringe, You Spoil Me So...

Seriously, Fringe, you're spoiling me!  First there was that little numerical clue punched into the keypad of the old Massive Dynamic.  (Season 5 start date?)

Then we get that little conversation between the Silver Fox Nina Sharp, Simon Foster and Henrietta that went like this...

Whoa there cybernetic Silver Fox, did you just give away the end of season four of Fringe!!???  Are we to understand that the Fringe team defeated David Robert Jones and all his machinations to start a brave new world?

I'm not saying that's a bad thing.  Stopping Jones' plan that is.  But wouldn't we rather see the events play out on the small screen as opposed to future Nina spilling the chewable coffee beans?  OK, maybe Nina was talking about some other world threatening event but I for one can't think of one off the top of my head.  I suppose we all knew our mighty Fringe team would prevail in the end over David Robert Jones.  So Nina's little slip shouldn't come as a surprise.  But c'mon!


And how about that little conversation between Agent Broyles and the detestable Captain Windmark of the odious Observers.  How does that tie into the future plans of Jones?  Broyles asked Windmark what he had done in the future to earn himself such a "crap" detail in the year 2036.

"I like animals" was his reply.  Creepy!  Do you suppose he was referring to the human animal hybrids that Jones was working on and we caught glimpses of in the episode, "Nothing As It Seems"?

Did Windmark do something to destroy these "animals" or did he actually preserve them much to the consternation of the rest of the Observers.  I'm hoping for the latter.  Then the prescient words of the immortal Kent Brockman will finally come true for our poor battered world.

Tell it like it is Kent!  On second thought, I hope future stylish Nina is right.  Save the world Walter!

(Did anyone else spot that other numerical reference of 05 20 10?  Check out that date here.  Ominous!)


  1. What a fantastic episode, full of little clues and references. I must say you called it early with the promo photos about the type of society the Observers established. They seem so sinister compared to the few we've seen so far.

    Nina couldn't simply be referring to the machine and the bridge healing the 2 universes could she? Already happening? Probably not, Nina's "saving the world" lines seemed foreshadowing. She also says something about "great consequence". So whatever goes down is going to be messy. Olivia presumably does die somewhere along the way and because of Bell? Whatever happens also opens the door for the Observers to conquer the world. (That didn't happen in the future Peter visited while in the machine, this is a new *possible* future.) I'm also very curious about Walter's cryptic mention of the fate of September. Something pretty awful must have been going down for Walter to purposely encase the team in amber. Did the Observers take over the red universe too? Does it still exist?

    The animals comment. Interesting to speculate that it has to do with DRJ, but I took his meaning simply as the human "natives" were like animals to the more highly evolved Observers.

    I liked the coffee chews thing. Yet again the absence of coffee is used to convey a world that is foreign and terrifying compared to our own. Something tangible that most people take for granted, but would have a hard time living without.

    My favorite subtle call back was the flask of water. The first time we saw September in the diner he ordered a glass of room temperature water with his roast beef & jalapeno sandwich. Clean water must be something rare in the Observers world.

    Always have another way out of a room. - Lynne (duckyislost)

    1. Good to hear from you again Lynne, you've been missed.

      It did seem as though there was idolatry going on with the Observers didn't it? A true fascist society operates with the same cult of personality. Thanks for remembering that post. I don't think Nina was strictly referring to the Machine repairing the two "Uni". That doesn't strike me as heroic enough.

      Yes, whatever goes down is going to be "messy". And as Walter said, "Unexpected". (I wonder if Walter messed up when it came to September's fate?) Olivia probably isn't dead but the rest may think so and blame Bell. Perhaps the cloned Bell of the future will be able to explain it all and get her back

      I have some thoughts about the fate of the Red Universe and I am a bit excited about them but I will put that on hold for now.

      Do you suppose before Walter "Ambered" himself and the team he left a subconscious suggestion with the young Etta that led to her obsession with finding the Fringe team? Or maybe Bell did it.

      I am prone to flights of fancy. I was always figuring out different plot lines for Lost which never came true.(Sadly.) So perhaps you are right about the "Animals" comment. There is always hope that they will be able to tie DRJ into that also.

      I forgot about the water reference. Nice catch! Since they poisoned the future no wonder they love it so much. (Someone should slip them a Vodka. Take over this world pal!)

      Thanks for the reply and don't be a stranger!

    2. Sorry I've been so quiet, busy lately.

      Oh, I love that idea about Etta! That Walter somehow set her on the quest to find them.

      My guess is that even if Olivia appears to physically die that she will pull the same trick Bell did and her soul will hide out in someone else until her body can be healed or cloned or whatever. Maybe a next gen shape shifter body? How fun would it be for Bell to host her, turnabout is fair play. Sadly I don't think Nimoy would be back for that.

      Keep the flights of fancy coming :) - Lynne

  2. I must watch this episode again. What a fantastic one - for me, it was right out of left field - I'd not seen any previews or heard anything about this episode, so right from the text crawl, it was really like... whaaa? And Desmond was in it! Such a great actor.

    I missed most of those clues (why I've got to watch again), I was just enjoying the ride. Right from the get-go, Etta showed herself to be part of Olivia, just impossible to miss. But it was great to hear her say it at the end anyway.

    It was very strange to see all those Evil Observers. So many questions are being answered, but so many more are being posed... I hope they get the fifth season to play with them.

  3. Hey Dave!

    To begin, I'm still stubbornly sticking to my guns that DRJ is a red herring. I know it's crackpot to still think so, but I'm not baking down! I'm thinking he's trying to thwart the Observers. Somehow he knows what they're up to (in my opinion) and all these tests he's been conducting and creatures he's been mutating are a part of it.

    I also think when our Observers (the months) were reporting back to an unknown for all these seasons, it was to the test of there kind. They, being fluid in time, knew the future. September said as much when he admitted to wanting to see such a big moment when telling Peter about interrupting Walternate. They were simply watching three events that lead to our demise and their eventual takeover

    Thirdly, I think Olivia (not Peter) is the overall key and I'm waiting for her to be "activated". Perhaps that's how she dies? This goes along with me thinking DRJ is on or side. He knows Olivia is the answer.

    Lastly. I think when Nina mentioned our team saving the world once already, she was talking about the bridge and what went down with the machine.

    My crazy prediction: Our team Ambers themselves after Olivia dies helping DRJ because, September is on our side and warns us that we'll be needed in the future. He (September) gets shot by the other Observers, but has just enough time to zap through time and talk to Olivia to warn her of what's to come which sets this all in motion.


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