Fanciful Fringe Thoughts.

It certainly has been a busy week for Fringe news and there has been so much to cover that I had to rush these thoughts "to press" before we got another episode tonight.  Specifically, Walters ramblings to Simon Foster when he referenced LSD and eating brains in the last episode, "Letters of Transit".

Fringe loves to tease information for the upcoming episode and when Walter spoke of eating brains it made me think of zombies and their penchant for brain consumption.The last we saw of zombies in Fringe was the episode "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" where the zombie Brandonates were looking to feast on our animated Fringe heroes.

Peter and Walter managed to escape the brain chomping Brandonates by hitching a ride on a passing zeppelin.  In doing so the ran into the mysterious Mr. X whom Olivia eventually identified as the man who was going to kill her.

So if we put two and two together we get X right?  Zombies plus LSD leads us to X!  That's what I'm hoping Walter was hinting at anyway.

More to come, stay tuned!


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