Of Horses, Green Things, Bubbles and Shapeshifters

I recently received a Twitter  DM from fellow Fringe fanatic, Lyn (runpaceyrun) and she asked me what my thoughts were from the most Fringe episode, "Nothing As It Seems".  Did I get that Noah's Ark vibe from the final scene?  What are DRJ's plans for Olivia?  Am I worried for Olivia and Peter?

I responded that I indeed got that Noah's Ark vibe from the cargo ship scene at the end and that had developed a theory about DRJ's obsession with Olivia.  If we go back to a blog entry that I made on February 27th of this year (read it here.) I decided to go off reservation a little bit and expound on a theory that Olivia could potentially be the first female Observer.  While a good portion of it was for fun there are some nuggets in there that just might bear fruit some day.

September had alluded to Olivia (or was it Peter?) that DRJ wanted now what he wanted then when he first sought to manipulate Olivia in a different timeline.  My thoughts were basically that DRJ would extract the genetic code from the cortexiphan enhanced Olivia and use it on his Shape shifter versions 3.0 so they could survive any coming apocalypse on a decimated planet.  A new successor to the human race.

With Olivia's capacity to travel from one dimension to another through the force of her will any DNA enhanced super race would be able to avoid innumerable catastrophes by transporting themselves en masse.  With her telekinetic powers imbued in their collective psyche's they could also quickly build a new society free of instrumentation (ala Forbidden Planet) and get a massive head start in building or rebuilding their world.

As of this latest episode, the Shape-shifters might not be alone in this new world as it may also be populated with genetically enhanced human/animal hybrids that would also be adaptable to any drastic change.  (Nothing like having a flying porcupine man beast around!)

In a conversation with another Fringe fanatic (and Philly fanatic), Sarah Maria, I discussed with her that DRJ might be some type of "anti-hero" that was seeking to close the dangerous rifts between the two universes.  If his plans go awry then he will always have his race of super beings to carry on for humanity and, naturally, he would be their genetically enhanced leader.  So how does this fit into our Noah's Ark metaphor?

Let's return to one of the major Easter egg themes of this season and that is the one of the Geodesic dome.  Now, if you have a super society that can transport itself en masse to any location they will, there is little use for an actual Ark.  But what if the need for a safe haven is paramount and the need for evacuation immediate.  What better safe harbor than your own pocket universe?  This is where I tie in my own obsession with the Green universe.

There has been innumerable visual cues involving the color green this season.  (See the color of the lamps above as one.)  Since I am want to obsess and theorize over every little detail about Fringe I came up with a theory about the Green universe (and you can obsess with me about it here.)  So, what if this pocket or bubble universe, as dramatized by the frequent dome references, is the final destination point for DRJ and his minions?  Is the Green universe their Ark?  Or is it a safe harbor should things go drastically wrong with Jones' plans.  I should mention I am one of many that thinks Jones wants the Machine for some selfish purpose.  As I alluded to above I think he wants to use it to close the rift between the two universes.  The first test of which occurred without the machine directly during the episode, "Welcome to Westfield".

Many think Jones just wants power and he is willing to leverage his plans to get access to the machine in order to blackmail the world a gain dominion over it.  That sounds purely evil and I don't think he is pure evil I just think he has a plan and it doesn't fit into our own.  (Which would actually be bad for us I grant you.)

I just think Jones has plans on a grander scale and that would be building a better world in his own universe but if that doesn't work out then our damaged one will have to do.  I thought we got a significant clue as to what DRJ's plans are and his destination point is when we saw one his creations bathed in green as the episode drew to a close.  See below.

So I suppose you are asking yourselves by now where does all the horse imagery fit in? (Or you're asking yourselves when am I going to be fitted with Walter's straight jacket at Deerfield.)  If we go back to another blog post of mine (I know this is getting tiresome but I swear this is the last link) You'll see I brought together many aspects of how Fringe has tied in numerous horse references including my final take on the Trojan Horse.

We all know from history the Trojan Horse was a massive trick pulled off by the Greeks against the Trojans to conquer the city of Troy.  What if the Green and or bubble universe is actually a trick of the Observers?  What if our beloved calendar men who travel freely in and about time have a trap laid for Jones and they are just waiting to spring it?  There was an old Star Trek the Next Generation episode called "Ship in a Bottle".  In it, the holodeck manifestation of Professor Moriarty was tricked into entering a memory cube wherein he thought he was free of the Enterprise and sailed off into space.  When in fact he was held in another simulation that seemingly encompassed the entire universe.  A bit sad but it worked for all concerned.  I wonder if this is the true fate of Jones and his new society.  It would certainly be clever of the Observers and no doubt they would need the help of Walter and his team and probably Walternate also.

Far fetched?  Take a look at what is sitting on the desk next to Walter just under the left green lamp in this screen cap.  A ship in a bottle.

Does this theory meander a little?  Yes it does.  Could I use an editor?  You bet!  But do you see how all of this ties together?  DRJ, his new race of "humans", seeking to gain dominion over the world with the tools at hand.  A new and better universe to go to or at the very least to be tricked into going to.  There are only seven episodes to go so we will see how it all plays out.  I for one hope Jones and his people make it to their promised land whether it is a trick or not.  Perhaps in doing so the rift will be healed in the process.

The ancient Jews of the Old Testament traveled far for their promised land.  They knew if they found the land of milk and honey then they could build their brave new world and they would would call it Israel.  That land  would be located in an area called Canaan.  It's only fitting that I submit my last piece of evidence as a street sign located out side Markham's bookstore.  By hook or by crook, for good or evil I think  DRJ will make it there.


  1. Good morning, Dave!

    To begin, I'm writing this from my phone, so please bear with any typos I may overlook.

    When you first brought up the horse theme Weeks and Weeks ago, I remember us discussing a possible trojan horse scenario going on right under our noses and loved that notion. And if you'll remember, around that same time we brought up Oz's "horse of a different color" as well as that expression. I like the idea of both and think both are in play. Since you brought up the trojan horse already, I don't need to expound on that, but I will about the latter. Since season one we've seen DRJ a the ultimate super genius villain, but if you add that (like you said) his intentions are to save his universe, well that's a horse of a different color! And suddenly he's like a Dumbledore doing things for the greater good.
    To add to that even more (and we've talked about this too) what if, all along, the Observers are the ones not to be trusted and THAT'S the trojan horse! Then, you have a situation where DRJ is the horse of a different color because all along he wanted to help Bell & Walter / ZFT preserve our existence, AND the Observers whom we've trusted though having very little info on them are the blindside of a villain.
    It would totally fit with them punishing September for helping our characters. It would also fit with them killing August for living (and having a conscious???).
    Furthermore, you might say: "but Sarah, DRJ if trying to harm or characters, he's killed and hurt innocent people. He's KIDNAPPED OLIVIA!" The thing is, there is a fine line between inanity and genius. I believe DRJ is do smart he's gone mad for what he believes is right. He's very much like Walter whom we all love. I'm not saying I like what Jones has been up to, but I'm with Dave as far as to say he things he's doing the right thing and to him, the end will justify the means.
    Lastly, I've agreed since the beginning, and even commented about it on your blog, that I think Jones wants Olivia going through all these tests not only do she can reach her full potential, but so he can study the result of said awakening and utilize it for his shifters (aka his children). Also, as a side, I think he wants Olivia with him. I no longer think he intends to fatally harm her.

    Okay! That's what I've got! Sorry if it's long :)

    1. *side note: In the August sentence, that should have said "loving" not living

    2. Cheers to you Sarah! I totally buy into your concept that the Observers might not be the good guys after all. I think it was the episode "Brown Betty" where they were actually the heavies. No wonder there is a rebel faction within the Observer corps.

      David Robert Jones' hands are not clean but I agree with you in that what he believes in, is for the greater good. I think Moses had a little more humility when he led his people to the promised land. Maybe his outsized ego will be his downfall. There has been plenty of references to hubris throughout the life of Fringe. Hey, Moses didn't make it to the promised land either!

      Jones taking Olivia with him would be a twist. As a hostage perhaps? Or duping her into cooperating with her? He did kill one of his "children" in front of her didn't he? That is sooo Old Testament.

      Thanks for the great reply Sarah!

  2. Gosh I wish I had the time to go into a long discourse about this. Fascinating thoughts, Dave.

    First, I don't think any character in Fringe is completely evil or completely good. The show goes out of its way, even, to show how there are always two sides to the coin. Speaking of coin, I wonder if Peter's coin will turn up again?

    DRJ most certainly has an agenda that is utterly nasty, but to him is just the proper thing to do. A bad guy, of course, but probably with his own weird good intentions, of sorts.

    The Observers. I can't make up my mind what side of the fence they might truly be on, or even if they are all on the same side. They seem to have differences of opinion, some kind of disagreement in the ranks.

    Your Trojan Horse idea fits in really well with the entire show, really. There are some many things that are a cover for something else.

    (I'm still waiting to see a little Tardis on someone's desk before the show ends... or even better, one of the Observers becomes an Ood...)

  3. Time is a valuable commodity my friend, I don't have a lot of it myself. It took me three days just to pound this out. That being said I always appreciate a response from you.

    There are many shades of grey in Fringe isn't there? I think we've seen as many facets as possible to our characters and the worlds they live in. Hopefully there are more to come.

    I agree with you on DRJ. He kills one of his "children" that was in stasis just to make a point and then cries over it. But he made his point!

    The Observers are so devoid of emotion I don't think they are capable of making sound decisions. September and August were deemed flawed but I'd trust them over the rest of that crew.

    Subverting your expectations is the mark of any great television show. Fringe should put some sort of patent on it. Maybe there will be a double switch Trojan Horse. I hope so!

    When Fringe brings in the fans as part of the writing team I guarantee we'll get a Tardis on someone's desk. (Broyles?)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I bet it'll be on Walter's desk. :-) Right besides the bananas. Because bananas are good, and make great pancakes too. ;-)

    1. OK, it's a bet. I've got Broyles and you have Walter. May the best Companion win.


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