Sleepy Hollow - In Darkest Night

In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight, let those who worships evil's might beware my power....

Ichabod Cranes' Light!

 Sorry Green Lantern, I had to do it. 

I'm not trying to make light of the most recent episode of Sleepy Hollow.  If I am not mistaken, we may borne witness to the best episode of the season and there is more to come!

Did we really know what we were getting into when we first started watching Hollow?  This past episode was a fright fest that's normally reserved for premium cable channels.   I was both shocked and repelled.  To see young Macey transformed into such a horrific beast was disquieting to say the least.


They had really set us up for her character.  So sweet, so fun, a strong sympathetic figure that everyone felt for and instantly loved.  You loved how she acted with her father and you loved how she instantly clicked with Jenny.

Then we got this....

And then this....

To see that look of utter satisfaction as she snapped the Priest's neck was hideous.  If Macey was in there someplace as her father correctly assumed then how is she going to get over this trauma?

After all, we did learn from Jenny's experience with "Ancitif" the demon, the pull from her possession still exists to some degree.  It reminded me of the experience Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek TNG fame had with the Borg after he was freed.  He could still hear their "song". 

What was all the more disquieting about this episode was the great cinematic feel to it.  It certainly added to the palpable tension that lingered long after the episode was over.  The pacing, the effects the cinematography were all superb as was the acting to say the very least.   I found myself hoping they kept the young actress Amanda Stenberg off the set while they created this ghastly tableau.

It'll be tough to top this episode.  As we find with serialized TV, the penultimate episode is often superior to the season or series ending entries.  I have faith though.  John Noble will make his return in the finale and his presence alone will add dramatic weight.

Odds and Ends

We got another nice cinematic and thematic touch from the mirror world this past episode.  Not literally as we normally get.  Sleepy Hollow often speaks to it's characters and audience through the use of reflective surfaces such as pools of water, glass and in the above case, a simple car mirror.  I like how Ichabod appears in the mirror first as he approaches Jenny in her car.  You feel as though he is appearing from a different time or place, which, of course, he is.  But it also says, "objects are closer than they appear."  This is as if to say, he is there for Jenny.  Not just emotionally but spiritually as well.  It's a subtle hero moment for Crane and it may define a closeness to Jenny.  Either in the form of a romantic relationship (which I doubt) or a clue for when Jenny needs him the most he will be there.

As I said earlier this episode had a great cinematic feel to it.  Kudos go out to Director Romeo Tirone for his work.  I wish I had caught the name of his Director of photography.  The above image had a very X-Files feeling to it.  The X-Files often put it's characters into the woods and  back lit them to provide an eerie effect.  The combination of light and shadow always accentuated the creep factor as they often looked like icy tendrils or other wordly fingers reaching out to capture our heroes.

As if we didn't have enough to chew on mythology wise, now we have George Washington speaking from the grave.  Apparently he's written a message in his own Bible a full four days after his reported death.  I'm down with that!  I love the way Hollow has been re-writing history and this now includes events on European soil as the French are now involved.

How far can this show go?

To the grave and back I bet!


  1. The writing the last couple of episodes are definitely leading us up to what will surely be an awesome season finale, maybe a Fringe season 3ish type, keeping fingers crossed. What I found fasinating was the difference in appearences of the possessions of Jenny & Macy. When Ancitif possessed Jenny, it looked somewhat similiar to the drawing in the book yet when it possessed Macy we got a completely different look. Do you think that was meant to add more fear into Cynthia & Irving? I also liked how both Abbie & Irving are showing no signs of fear at all. It shows the strength of their convictions.

    1. I liked that too... they were not (or didn't show), much fear at all. I liked Abby very much in this episode.

      And the skinny jeans.... Hahaha!! The bane of existance.

  2. Maybe kids are easier to possess/transform Steve. Or maybe because of their innocence the transfiguration to the opposite end of the scale is all the more horrifying. So, as adults we don't have as far to go to look like demons once were possessed. Perhaps so for your Cynthia/Irving theory. She certainly freaked me out!

    I know, the Mills sisters are so wonderfully composed! Even Ichabod is a rock. Maybe with the reappearance of his son he will freak out again. Just a theory, I don't have any inside knowledge.

  3. Nice post! I didn't think of the Borg/Picard comparison - well thought, Dave.

    This episode frankly frightened the cat hair off me. As a confirmed skeptic, the religious overtones are like a fairy tale as I watch - please bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this - and don't captivate me. I didn't really sign up to watch bible stories. But. That said, the unknown is always frightening, in any form, and possession is classic.

    I watched The Exorcist when younger, and to me this was a very definite wink to that theme. And Hollow did it well, I think. The show kept it's focus on character, and successfully made us afraid of the kindest, and weakest, character in that plot thread.

    Willikers it was frightening! The best part is that we never really saw that intensity coming. I was riveted. (I don't go out of my way for horror, by the way, I'm spineless!) Which reminds me, well done to the show, all that nastiness and no gore. Or vomit. But did you catch the spinning head?

    Eesh... gives me shivers just thinging about it... lol...

    1. They really caught us by surprise didn't they. I really didn't expect to see anything so graphic. It was all so chilling without being gross. Mental terror is always more frightening than physical revulsion. (In that way, I could never get into slasher flicks.)

      I'm not big on religion but I am well versed (pun!). History is my thing and I am thrilled to see their secret take on the American Revolution. They probably won't stop there either. I can see many other historical epics that will be ripe for the picking. With the historical and biblical battle between good and evil this may well stretch on and on. (I do hope the return to the American Indians.)

      I saw the spinning head thing. So good to see the classics paid homage to. (Gah!)

      Monday is right around the corner. It should be good!

  4. Great episode! Super creepy and also provided some character development for Jenny and the Irving clan. I really liked that Abbie and Ichabod asked her permission before viewing the video of her possession. I also really loved the sister bonding at the end. A brief victory before they are (no doubt) tested again. Macey, wow! I don't know what creeped me out more, her face, her voice, the fact that she was walking around or hovering. The priest, wow what is it with breaking/severing necks on this show? Hopefully, like Jenny, Macey will not remember her time under possession. But will she feel the scar of it like Jenny? Feel the demon wanting to return? I like that she and Jenny could bond over this.

    I can't wait for tonight's finale! -Lynne

  5. I'm excited about tonight also. I'll have to nap so I can stay up late!

    Yeah, where does Macey go from here? I would think Jennie would be the most able to counsel her having been through the same thing and this will bring them closer together. And that means with Irving too! Aha!


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