12 Monkeys - Cassandra Complex

It sucks when no one listens to what you have to say.  Cassie "Cassandra" Railly learns the bitter truth behind her namesake.  But it would be helpful to be in full possession of the facts before she shoots her mouth off.

(Then again learning the bitter truth behind everything may prove unhealthy for Cole.  I'd be careful with shooting lessons mister.)

But let's not get too far ahead.

Did everyone get that romantic vibe when Cole put his hand on Cassie during the weapons training?  There have been hints this romance might develop but (jumping ahead again) what could possibly happen to derail that?

Last week Cassie channeled Felicity Smoak from "Arrow" when she appeared at the sanatorium.  This week she's channeling Dr. Sarah "Hot Zone" Jordan from Helix.  We learn that Cassie has been jumping from one unhealthy disaster to the next.  She's in pursuit of the apocalyptic nature of the future plague but in true "Cassandra" nature, no one is listening to her.

It doesn't help that she is overreacting and we learn from this episode why she was so eager to track down Cole at the hotel and why her life became a mess in two intervening years.

Cassie hasn't been able to fix the future and in the interim she has become her own worst enemy.

When she comes in contact with Henri during her Hatian getaway it isn't long before she becomes romanically involved with the man.  Sure there is a lot of stress going on and it helps to find solace in the arms of kindred spirit.  But I have to wonder how fragile Cassie has become since her first encounter with Cole.

This fragility will be sorely tested in the future.  Henri is the man Cassie recognizes from the Markridge photo.  He is a survivor and Cassie's guilt is compounded by Henri's disappearance.  It was interesting she doesn't divulge the true nature of her relationship to Cole.  Being shy in case she becomes romantically involved with Cole or just guilty over Henri's fate?  (At least the part she knows about.)

We get a quick flash forward to the future and we are introduced to Max.  (BTW, is it really a flash forward or just a narrative change?  Time travel you know!)  Ramse has his suspicions about Scavs in the area and it seems they are valid.

We jump back to Cole arriving in Haiti.  It seems the solar flares and their electromagnetic effect are wreaking havoc on his time traveling capabilities.  Not only that, there are some physical ramifications to his splintering about.  Cole suffers a nose bleed and this seems to surprise him.  This bears watching in the future.

Cole has traveled back to Haiti in order to seek out Henri.  Henri knows the location of the "White Room" oops, Helix crossover mistake, I mean "Night Room."  Cole needs this information.

An alliance is forged over Henri's knowledge of the Night Room and Cole winning his trust with his insight into Jennifer Goines.  (Missed her this episode!) This leads the two to the retrieval of the much needed medicine that Cassie sent Henri for.

- -Quick aside, we get a parallel to the "Scavs" of the past in Haiti and the Scavs of the future in Cole's time.  Both also deal with extreme circumstance that face players of each time line.  It won't be the last parallel I'm sure. - -

Big surprise when the Pallid Man arrives on the scene in Haiti.  He also expresses his disdain for having "too many" people around.

Crackpot theory!

The Pallid Man is a time traveler.  Why else would he complain about having too many people around when he is used to so few in the future?  Also Johhny on the spot in finding Henri eh?  I'm thinking he is acting to preserve the apocalyptic futureHe is also in the possession of preternatural strength.  A result of future environs and it's science I'm assuming.

Check out his reaction to being cut during the street fight with Cole and Henri.  He looks to be a major germ phobe and I doubt he wants to bring any disease into his nice virtually "person free" future.

Of course, he may be actually from the past and was snatched into the future himself.  Either way, him getting sick is probably not part of the plan.

Cole gets the information he needs from Henri and I get a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.

Cassie learns how dreadfully mistaken she was and we learn how far she begins to fall in her past.

As she sits in utter despair by the med tent the lights begin to flicker and she glance at her watch.

It seems Cole has been watching her and the telltale manifestation of his splintering is all too evident.  Geez, I thought to myself, isn't that pretty obvious to Cassie even in her depressed state?  Shouldn't she be able to put two and two together?

Yes, she can.

Here's the moment I think a lot of us were dreading.  Cole protects the information of the Night Room by gunning down Henri.

It was a nice segue into Cassie's own gunshot where she is overcoming her own hesitation over shooting someone.

More dread.  More foreshadowing.

Like I mentioned earlier, Cassie can do math.  How long before she puts two and two together with her knowledge of Cole being in Haiti and Henri's disappearance?

Remember when Jones warned Cole about interfering in Cassie's past and letting himself be known?  Think Cassie will fix any gunshot wound of Cole's now?  Especially one she inflicts???

Everyone together, "Dun, Dun, Duuuun!"

Odds and Ends

Nice callback to the movie "Twelve Monkeys" when Cassie tried to warn her boss Jules about the virus being spread by a plane.  That's how the movie left off.

 Yeah, right, I wasn't fooled by her sincerity.  Max as in "maximum pain" in the future's ass.

We also get to meet "Deacon" the leader of the "West 7."  He doesn't look like "Mr. Friendly" to me.

Now we will get chaos in three time lines, the past, the present and the future!  Interstellar was right.  I can't wait for the fifth dimension when we get to experience all three at the same time.

Oh wait, that's what TV is for.


  1. Hey Dave,

    Glad to see you have dug out of the snow drifts and have been writing. Hope you enjoyed the blizzard of 2015 for my sake. ;-)
    I was not as huge of a fan of the movie as you, but I am enjoying the show. The movie worked well by having the viewer confused and uncertain for most of it about Cole's believability. In the show, we know the basic situation, and it should be more a straightforward journey (well, not really -time travel) for the protagonists to meet their objectives. Of course we know it will turn complex.
    As I said, I like the show so far, but it hasn't fully engaged me just yet. It may just be me, but I have trouble figuring out while watching, just what they are trying to do. A couple more episodes in will probably help me.
    I like your ideas on the pallid man. Do you know what tune he whistles? Probably not important. I hope the future storyline with "West 7" isn't just an obstacle for Jone's council, but ties into the larger mystery in the past. Cole's nosebleed, hope he doesn't go the way of Charlotte on LOST. I said when watching that you got to have the nose bleeding if there is a temporal displacement.
    I've come to the conclusion that Amanda Schull just cannot be uglified. You will have to just deal with it. Don't hate her because she is beautiful! LoL

    Off topic, but in your first write up you mentioned Continuum had fumbled time travel. I disagree, but not sure what you were referring to.
    Enjoy reading your thoughts as always.

    1. Hello Chris,

      Sorry for the late reply. Let me start with your last point. When I say Continuum fumbled time travel I mean from a narrative or storytelling sense. They seemed to spin out of control as the season neared the end with the whole time cop group (what were they called?) and the Space Marines appearing. I'm actually glad they dumped her family of the future line. I never thought she would see them again anyway. Still, shouldn't that change the type of person she is?

      The best thing about the last Continuum season was the face off between the two Alecs and Kiera getting shot and how Carlos handled it.

      I'm getting into 12 Monkeys and I'll probably take it off "double secret probation" soon. The last one, Atari, was good although I still think there should be two Coles running around in the future now.

      I don't know the tune the Pallid Man whistles but if you hear something let me know. He probably heard it from someone he killed and adopted it as his own. If true, Cole will most likely meet that same person and will be unable to save him or her.

      TV has such tragedy.

      Geez, do you watch Helix? There is a character, Sarah, that has a nosebleed on that show too.

      You know my criticism of Amanda Schull being "too pretty" will come back to bite me. I'll run into her a Con and she'll punch me in the mouth. Then it will end up on Youtube.

      Thanks Chris!

  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Regarding Continuum, you mean the Freelancers, and they were pretty poor at their jobs. I didn't like that it seemed to be getting further away from the William B Davis-Alec future and was going to a new timeline with Kellog. I've got to re-watch to recall details. They only get 6 episodes to wrap it up, so I expect many things to be glossed over unfortunately.

    In "Atari" episode, there is no way for there to be two Coles running around because if they pulled Cole back using the machine, Cole would just disappear in front of them and reappear in the machine. He had lived the number of days he was sent back and caught up to them. Only potential problem I see is that Cole will have effectively splintered twice going into the machine without coming back through it. Apparently that is not a problem.

    I had trouble watching Helix and gave up, perhaps I should give it another try.
    Ha, that would at least be a humorous youtube video.


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