Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod Crane and the Last Crusade

Sleepy Hollow came perilously close to the plot line of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" last Monday night.

In the "Crusade" movie we had an ancient knight that was waiting an eternity for someone to come and carry out his mission.

In the Sleepy episode, "What Lies Beneath,"  Thomas Jefferson takes the place of the Crusader and he too has been waiting for his "knight" to arrive.

For Indiana Jones, the great treasure that lay beneath was the Cup of Christ.

For Ichabod, the treasure was Jefferson's "Fenestella" an invaluable trove of information to battle the darkness.

 Even as Crane and Jefferson parted ways I was reminded of the forlorn look the Grail Knight imparted to Indy.  Both knew their mission had come to an end.  The Cup was lost and the Fenestella had to be destroyed.

 But did the Fenestella need to be destroyed?  I remain unconvinced.  Jefferson demonstrated his ability to close doors and in the above frame he has safely trapped the Reavers on the other side of the main room.

Crane implored Jefferson that the Reavers were a threat to humanity.  Really?  With all the crazy ghouls running about on the surface you're worried about a few more?

This just didn't work for me.  Not that this wasn't a fun episode, it just mirrored the Indiana Jones movie too much.  Plus the logic at the end just didn't make sense.

What did work for me?

The return of evil Frank!

Well, a qualified evil it seems.  Frank has a salvation sticker on his palm.  He's retained his humanity as long as the sticker remains effective and that effectiveness is running out.  He's trying to do right by his family but is skirting the ethical line as he does it.

Like using Miss Jenny to gain access to a small fortune in the police lockup.  

The secret is out now though and Jenny will have to tell the others the bad news.  I like Frank's character a lot and I want him to remain on the series.  Orlando Jones does a such great job with him.  But lets not redeem him too quickly.  I want to see him come face to face with Abbie after the Salvation mojo runs out.  

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure how they can save Frank.  Maybe they will have to kill him all over again.  

It sure doesn't look like Katrina will be of any help.

Katrina awakes alone in a room.  She feels as though she is not alone and afraid that she had a visititaion from her son, Jeremy.  (Or Henry if you prefer.)

Did she?

In her dream Henry/Jeremy presented her with a group of black roses, one of which punctured her hand with it's thorns.

It wasn't a dream.  The three roses lay before with droplets of blood beside them.  Katrina will be forced to follow the dark path.

What did they say at the end, two episodes left?

Things are getting good.


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