Sleepy Hollow - The Dark Side

This is more like it.  

It looks as though the Witnesses will be set against their greatest threat and it will come from within.

I wouldn't have been more happier if Darth Vader himself had wandered into Sleepy Hollow.

As a series, Sleepy Hollow decided to cut their losses with the Moloch plot line and go with a more stand-alone episodic effort.  There is a danger with going with the "Freak of the week" method but if Sleepy is going to intersperse this with a growing threat from within then all bets are off and they may have just saved their show.

All it took was a gentle nudge from "freakie of the weekie" Solomon Kent and Katrina was off and running with her bad self.  I have a theory in which Abbie pushes too hard or makes the wrong decision and it will cause Katrina to lose her life.  Kat can be such a boring character and she seems to blow hot and cold from week to week with not much to do.  By killing her off a lot of the shows problems would be solved.

Now with her taste of evil she will become a lot more valuable.  (To the storyline.)   I only wish Abbie had more to do with this transformation.  I guess I should be patient.  There will be plenty of time for Abbie to screw up and push Katrina completely over the edge.

Anyway, when Kent faced off against Katrina he sensed she was a powerful Witch but that she left her full potential untapped.  It was if these mere words were enough to tip the moral balance within her and her eyes instantly changed.  That struck me as a bit of a shortcut but I guess if you want to move the narrative along and save your season you had better get cracking.

Kat channeled her inner Palpatine and used "Force lightning" to ward off Kent.  Her powers have been coming back and Crane credits this with Katrina's fusion with nature.  He doesn't seem to realize that Kat's real potential may have been maximized because the portals of Purgatory have been widened.  (Then again, why didn't Kat discover her untapped potential since she had been trapped there for so long? Another convenient change?)

So who stands to gain the most from Katrina's venture into the Heart of Darkness?

What a joy it was to see John Noble again.  You had to feel sorry for Henry as he sat in front of that evil font of banality, television.  He looked to be set adrift and completely without purpose.  Of course, as the episode progressed we found that wasn't completely true.  But for the former Horseman of War, biding his time in a cheap motel must be excruciating.

As the motel keeper Mary entered his room to investigate the lack of hot water Henry seemed to notice her infirmed condition.   I think we, the viewing audience, were meant to see her as a sympathetic figure.

Later, when her son Ronnie fixed the plumbing he also seemed to make a sympathetic connection with Henry.  He even offered Henry a small token which left Henry bemused.  It was if Henry was touched by these basic human interactions.

Speaking of humans, or a semblance thereof, poor ol' Frank Irving has been trailing Abbie.  He also seems a bit rudderless and he appeals to Abbie to remember the relationship they once had.

This appeal did not fall on deaf ears as Abbie recruits Franks to help in the fight with Kent as they are short of numbers.

Abbie had been the toughest on Frank since he came back and Crane was a bit taken aback when he saw that once again Frank could be seen as a trusting ally.

This is the kind of mistake I hope Abbie makes with Katrina.

Abbie, Crane and Frank execute their brilliant plan. (With the easily found solutions. Crane is a virtual walking encyclopedia of the dark arts and it is a little too convenient at times.)  And speaking of execution, the missing Frank returns to the defeated Kent and finishes him off by cracking his neck.

Now the alarm bells are really going off.

As we return to Henry he is exacting his revenge on the thugs that have been harassing the Rawlings.  I quietly cheered Henry's gallantry.  Before he dispatched them with extreme prejudice he confessed his true self was that of the wolf.

(Maybe he was watching "Moonstruck" with Cher and Nic Cage back at the motel room but I doubt it.)

The thing is, being a wolf means you hunt with dispassion for your prey.  When you fight and kill it is because it is your nature.  I'd like to think Henry deliberately acted to protect the Rawlings but since he made his admission to the thugs, and most importantly to himself, it seems Henry cannot deny his true nature.

I mentioned above that Henry would benefit from Katrina's venture into the "Heart of Darkness."  He's harbored bitter feeling for his parents but Katrina never really gave up on him.  I can see Henry sensing Katrina's dark side much like Kent did.  I think he'll make an appeal to Katrina for her to join him and when she does he'll nurture her taste for the dark arts.  Henry mentioned his bitterness towards fathers to young Ronnie and I have no doubt Katrina will be used as a weapon to exact his revenge against Ichabod.

Katrina couldn't help herself when she took the flower that she and Ichabod had nice moment with and she promptly destroyed it.  Never a good sign.

Anyone else joining Henry's wolf pack?

I didn't realize evil was into shaking hands but whatever seals the deal I guess.

I didn't see this coming despite Abbie's reservations but I certainly welcome it.  Henry indeed has a hold on Frank Irving's soul and has co-opted him into being a willing participant.  Now Henry has Frank to work against Abbie and soon he will have Katrina to pit against his father.

I wonder if this was Henry's plan all along and that Moloch simply stood in his way.  If so, then he is brilliant.

Poor Ichabod and Abbie.  They stave off one apocalypse only to face another.  They also seem to be seriously outgunned by team Henry.  Sure they can call upon Miss Jenny and Hawley but they all are pretty human in the face of such power.  Abbie adding Brooks to their numbers would be great and I have no doubt she'd summon Orion if things got desperate but he is such a wild card and the cost of adding him would be great.

So, yes, I have a crackpot theory as to who will tip the balance in favor of team "Witness."

That's right, Abraham.

Now you'd think with his deep affection for Katrina (and his disdain for Ichabod) he'd welcome her to the dark side to be by his side forever.  I'm thinking his love for Katrina runs so deep that he'd hate to see her corrupted in such a fashion and he would fight to free her from Henry's influence.

If all goes to plan this should be quite a battle and I'm sure many of our players won't make it all the way through.

(Then I will have to come up with a crackpot theory to predict who will die!)


In case any of you didn't get my "Moonstruck" reference here's the clip from the 1987 movie where Cher calls Nic's character a "Wolf."  See it, it is a great romantic comedy.


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