Helix - Densho

I have a bad feeling we just saw the last of Hiro Sanada on Helix.

Densho is the Japanese term for "passing on to the next generation" or to leave one's legacy.

When Hatake passed his sword onto Julia he seemed to not only regain his sanity but his words had a certain finality to them as in "passing on the torch."

When Hatake rejoined his family at the dinner table he no longer saw them as living either.  More proof of finality?

This would be depressing.  It could also mean no more Amber Goldfarb or Meegwun Fairbrother.

Booo!  I'd hate that.

Dead is only dead when you see them die on TV though and we could still have Hatake flashbacks.  Such as, how he got on the island, why he is there and any history with Caleb.  Not to mention the goo he was going to inject into Julia.  Was that supposed to kill or cure her?

Speaking of "kill or cure."  What a fight scene between Hiro and Julia!  Wonderfully choreographed.  I have a feeling Marvel or DC will be on the phone soon to Kyra Zagorsky to star in the their next superhero movie.

I hereby nominate Kyra to be the next Catwoman in the movies.  Make this happen now!

Oh, sorry, okay, where was I?

 Ah, yes, the fight scene.

Did Julia really have to kill Hatake?  This really could mean they are closing the chapter on his character.  Julia must have thought she had no other choice.  He spiked her drink, undressed her, bound her to a table and was about to inject her.

I guess she has her limits and his betrayal despite his insanity proved to be too much.

Speaking of betrayal.

Alan is on to you Peter!

A little older and a little smarter perhaps.

It didn't escape Alan's notice that Peter was Johnny on the spot when Alan came to outside the compound.

Stitching up that nasty head wound wasn't to sway Alan emotionally either.  I'm glad Helix doesn't drag these things on.  Keep things going, move the narrative along!  I always cite how long it took Peter to find out the truth behind Walter on Fringe.  What did that take, three seasons?

Want more betrayal?

Guess who was on the other end of Peter's sat phone?

What the hell dude!  Ilaria blows up your girlfriend Ananna and now you work for them again?  This better be an inside job.  I had a prediction late last year that Sergio and Tulok would be circling the globe in search of Ilaria to kill.  Now I'm not so sure.

I have to admit  I almost didn't recognize him with his shirt on.

Ha, snark alert!  (Sorry Mark.)

Still the plot thickens.  Is it only a matter of time before the Scythe appears?  (Maybe Sergio is waiting to get close to him?)

My Three Ladies

Group hug!  You're right to trust each other ladies.  I think Brother Michael has betrayal in his blood.

Mr, Creepy manages to touch everyone at the team meeting and then cites he doesn't want to hang anymore pictures on the wall.  I sense a threat here!

The girls seemed to stiffen at that prospect.  If you don't toe the line as Micheal's minions you join the dearly departed on the wall?  How long has Michael been around?  He couldn't possibly have lived through all the lifetimes of those ladies could he?

Is that why Ilaria is interested in his work?

Crackpot theory!

While I'm on the subject of Brother Michael and Ilaria let me get to this quickly.  I think it was Michael that mentioned the difficulty and precision that went into grafting a limb onto a host plant.  So, with all those heads in the White Room, I'm thinking Ilaria might want his work so they could graft a head onto a new host.

Bring back Constance!  I'll add this to my letter writing campaign along with Kyra as Catwoman.

Odds and Ends

You can't leave a lady lying in distress, or in this case two.  Especially on TV!

Someone will find Julia.  The even money is on Caleb or it could be..

Crackpot theory!

An elderly Alan!  Now that would cool.  Reunited and it feels so good.

As for Sarah, her getting stabbed in the abdomen is a good way to lose the baby.  Maybe Helix thought they had painted themselves into a corner with her pregnancy.

So who will stumble upon Sarah?  The even money is on Kyle but....

Crackpot theory!

Rescuing two ladies in two timelines!  You still got it dude!  And a history with both.  Alan, you should watch 12 Monkeys to see how Cole is going to handle two girlfriends seperated by time.

Good luck with that.

Humor Dept.

Seeing Hiro and Daniel having their "Mayberry moment" was priceless and only something Helix would do.  Watching Hiro wave from the pier was great oo.  So happy!


This shot of Kyle and Sarah intrigued me.  Why put the spire in the background through the window?  Foreshadowing for something these two will share later on?  It bears watching.  (And I got a vibe.)

So,  Alan is on to Peter.  Sergio returns.  Hiro is out?  And there are two ladies in waiting.

Hurry up Friday, I need a Helix fix again!

(No goo injections please.)


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