12 Monkeys - Fight the Future

Closing The Loop

I think I missed something.

If you'll take a look at the picture above you'll see the time where future/future Cole sees the other future Cole, they are nominally separated by a couple of days.  (Episode 4, Atari.)  The one doing the "peeking" is the one Jones sent back to save everyone from Deacon's attack.

He's also the one that spilled the beans in the first place that allowed Deacon to enter the bunker.  (Ouch, my head is starting to hurt.)

Future/future Cole knows enough to not let the other future Cole interact with himself or there will be dire consequences.  As it was, future/future Cole had a dizzy spell when he did see himself.

Should we call that "Splinter sickness."

Here's future/future Cole when sees Jones and realizes she's been saved.

But where is the other future Cole?

I guess we'll have to believe that Cole "closed the loop" on himself when as Deacon breached the time room he missed killing Cole by milliseconds and then Max acted to save Jones.  Deacon beat a hasty retreat and then future/future Cole entered the room.

But where did other future Cole go that just splintered out?  Shouldn't he be on his way to join himself in the future again and stuck in a time loop?


Yeah, I'm done trying to wrap my head around that one and claiming a "Temporal loop paradox."  (A get out of time jail card if you will.  Very useful.)

Phew, what a relief, I would have been up all night wrestling with that one.

Splinter Sickness

Remember when Deacon pressed that powdery substance against Cole's open wound and he started hallucinating between seeing Cassie as Max and Max as Cassie?  It wasn't long after that Cole would spill the beans to Max as to the whereabouts of the secret tunnel.

Cole saw a lot of images flash before his eyes which included the aforementioned two ladies and this guy, the Pallid Man.

And this guy, Haz-mat Face.

I can understand Cole having a hallucination about the Pallid Man.  Cole was under a lot of duress and suffering from the after effects of Deacon's powder.  But how did Jennifer Goine's flashback vision of Haz-mat face get in there?   I tried to capture all the images that Cole was seeing but they were flashing too fast and a lot of them were blurry.

But these two were definitely in there.  Aside from the powder's effect, I wonder if Cole experienced some sort of "Splinter sickness."  I'll define that as having passed through time so often that you have memories of things you haven't even experienced yet.

(Double ouch, more timey wimey headache stuff.)

If you thought running into your own self in time was bad, I'd think getting splinter sickness is worse.  In fact, they may be inextricably linked.

Odds and Ends

Great work by Kirk Acevedo this week.  He can sell a scene with just a single look.

This is the second week in a row where we've seen Cole shoot someone in the back.  He did the same to Henri the previous episode. No wonder he doesn't want Cassie to know anything about him.

Including the budding crush he's developing for Cassie.  Ramse has it figured out.  How long do you think it will take Max?  Not long I bet.

And you think Splinter Sickness gave you a headache Cole?  Try having a girlfriend in two different time periods.

And speaking of girlfriends, just as Cole was about to reveal the truth about himself Cassie interrupts him with the big news.

She's found the Night Room!

This should mean we'll see Jennifer Goines again.  Will we see Haz-mat face too?


  1. I hate it when they do the "oh wait before you admit you love me to pieces I just want to tell you we can save the world now" thing. They better not play the jealousy card too - Cole's ex or whatever she is, and Cassie's other dude.

    But I actually like the way the show is doing the timey-wimey thing... very interesting. And how they will deal with Cole's coldness will be interesting too. That he even considered taking out Kirk is shameful (but makes for great character development). Speaking of Kirk, fantastic to see him again - he is SO good.


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