Sleepy Hollow - The End?

As I write this Sleepy Hollow has closed its final chapter for season 2 and has yet to be renewed.  I'd like to impart some thoughts about the finale and cover how our players fared this season.

I thought Sleepy would go out with a bigger bang.  You know, throw everything against the wall in a valiant attempt to ensure that renewal.  Instead at times it was rather a pedestrian affair.

Nothing more exemplifies this than having Crane and Abbie literally walking together on their way to Grace's house.  I thought to myself, "Are you kidding me?  You're taking up valuable air time for more exposition on how valuable they are to each other and the importance of trust?"  We get it already! 

I think the writers wanted to ensure we understood these two were our main player and the show revolves around them.  Nothing should come between the Witnesses!

Like Katrina for instance.

I've been calling for her removal for a long time.  Just kill her off already! 

They did.

I had also predicted Abbie would have a lot to do with Katrina's demise.  I was right in some regards.  Abbie did kill her son although Kat pinned the blame on poor ol' Ichabod.  Abbie also manged to follow Katrina into the past to foil her plans of rewriting history.  Katrina wasn't too happy with that. 

I thought it was a bold move to have Katrina die at the hand of Ichabod. 

It added that element of a Shakespearean tragedy to it.  It makes you wonder what the repercussions will be for Crane.  Will this prove to be divisive for the Witnesses?  I mean, they spent an entire season doubting their loyalty to each other and resolving it by the end of every episode.  I think, if renewed, they should add an element of subtle doubt between Ichabod and Abbie.  Nothing overt, just subtle.

Here's a clue as to why I think this could happen.  Ichabod grabs the "Grand Grimoire" (Tip of the Sorcerer's cap to Steve Salyer for the book name.) as he exits the room.  (Seen above.)  I don't think either Abbie or Frank picked up on that.  Is there a hint of doubt for Crane?  Will he use this powerful book of magic to bring Katrina back?

Here's another clue.

Look, Henry's not really gone.  He's moved to some astral plane where he awaits his mother.  Interesting.  If you're not completely gone then you can come back.  (Comic book rules.)

Other high points.

Holy sh*t they cut off Ben Franklin's head!  I mean, holy sh*t!

I think everyone loved Timothy Busfield's Ben Franklin.  What a loveable perv.  Maybe they can bring him back next season.  The timeline was preserved so good ol' Ben is still on the $100 bill.  Our Ben also connected with Abbie right away while Crane wavered.  The next thing you know, chop!  It was an awesome shock.

Wow, they almost went there didn't they?  For a second I thought Crane was going to lose his head.  That's what you call a close shave.  Had they done it, I think people would have fallen right off their couches.  Abbie would to be on her own to fix the timeline, which no doubt she would.  Sleepy chose a different ending.  Good thing.  (I think.)

Fun to watch Kat and the Horseman work together.  I had a scenario where Abraham actually tried to stop Katrina from going full on Dark Side.  This was cool.  Together again!

Grading Our Players


Would Tom Mison deserve any less? His comic timing is impeccable.  He not only gets the "fish out of water" thing but his body language does the same.  Terrific actor.  If there is no renewal I can see him on the "New, New, Avengers.  (With Lyndie Greenwood as Emma Peel)  I think Mison would make a terrific Sherlock Holmes and I would love to see his Richard III.


You don't need to sell me on Lyndie Greenwood, I already have a TV crush on her.  That gunfight sequence between her and Frank was amazing.  She can really handle the action set pieceMore work for her please!


Speaking of acting chops, John Noble is a master.  Like Tom Mison, he possesses a wonderful voice.  It's like the low rumble of thunder rolling in from a great distance.  As Walter Bishop, Noble could pull off quaint and funny.  As Henry Parrish his countenance shifted to a deep and malevolent place where few dared to tread.  Pity he is probably off the show.  (If its renewed!)



Orlando Jones makes a terrific Frank Irving.  When he pleads for understanding and patience you want to give it to him.  So what if he doesn't have a soul!  He is a master of the "broken" look.  I'm glad they didn't kill him off.  Let's hope if Sleepy returns he is back in the Captains chair.


I was going to grade Katia Winter lower but when they gave her something interesting to do she excelled at it.  She got a little screechy in the final episode but it was evident she was having fun with her new role. 


Did Nicole Beharie regress this season as an actor?    The look she using in the above frame is one of my least favorite.  Lower the chin and the death stare.  Who told her to do that?  It was employed way too many times.  And what was with all the stammering and rapid eye blinking?  Did no one notice or was she coached to do that?  I'm sure all the gratuitous cleavage shots weren't her acting choice either.  Let's hope for a rebound next season if there is one.

Now What?

So where does Sleepy go from here?  The above image may suggest they intend to downsize the show.  By including Miss Jenny and Frank at the very end may mean they intend on concentrating on the "fab four."

So who is likely not to return?

Kat and Henry are probably gone.  I can't see why they would bring Hawley back.  Ditto for Abraham Van Brunt (too bad, the Horseman was the show for a while.) Moloch's gone.  Cynthia and Macey Irving?  Hmm, maybe but why?  Let's hope Sheriff Reyes is gone, what a sourpuss.

Who do I want back?

Find a way to bring John Cho's Andy Brooks back.  I'm sure they can fit in a spot or two for Clancy Brown's Sheriff Corbin.  Definitely Busfield's Ben Franklin. Steven Weber's  Jefferson wasn't bad either.  (Did he tell you about the Fenestella Mark II?)  Whatever happened to the Angel Orion?  I thought Max Brown did a great job with him.  I'd like to see Victor Garber return as Crane's disappointed dad too.  Anyone else? 

Oh yeah, the Chat lady from Onstar.  Too funny.


  1. Hi Dave.
    I just finished watching this ep of Sleepy Hollow. I was actually happy with this ep as I thought that the show was starting to seriously lose its way. There have been a few less than stellar eps as of late. I really thought that this was a stronger ep than the ones we have been served up lately. I enjoyed it.

    I am happy that Katrina is gone .... but l would love to see John Noble's 'Jeremy' return. I don't think that is going to happen (unfortunately). Like you I would love to see John Cho return and I do not want to see Sheriff Reyes back. I would love to see Frank Irving back in charge. But given all that has happened with him I doubt they'd risk have him back as Sheriff after his stint in the asylum.

    I really enjoyed seeing Benjamin Franklin in the finale and I hope he returns. However, unlike you, I do not want to see Angel Orion return. I thought that this character was totally superfluous to the story. I did not like him at all and thought his portrayal was rather weak. (sorry)

    I hope we get a season 3 as I would like to see where they go from here. I hope they do not turn Ichabod to the dark side as I think that would be the end of the show ..... but Tom Mison could certainly carry it off. He's such a great actor. My main hope is that there is absolutely no 'coupling' of any of the main characters. I know there are shippers out there ..... but its a straight up 'no, no. no' from me.

  2. This felt like SUCH a series finale. I agree with you, the guy who played Ben Franklin was fabulous. Dang he was fun to watch. Also agree with Tom Mison and Lyndie Greenwood. They were the best two on the show. Musch as I love love love John Noble, he (in my humble opinion) was given a whole lot to work with. John cho was interesting too...

    But well. I hope Sleepy Hollow gets a thrid season, but really, are the foundations strong enough? The last two episodes were actually really quite interesting, but on what could they build it?

    I also agree they they characters would be better to stay platonic. I don't "feel" anything more really, do you?

    I guess we'll see.


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