First Vital Clue to Observers Origin?

Could this be the first vital clue to the origins of the Observers? In the first episode of season 4 of Fringe we see our favorite Observer, September, telekinetically charge a piece of equipment he needs for his "memory eraser". Later in the same episode we see one of the new translucent shape shifters telekinetically set a page aflame. Is there a connection here? 

We may have just seen where the Observers get their start. It may take many decades or it may not but I am thinking that these translucent shape shifter will eventually evolve into what we now know as the Observers. Telekinesis may be just the first step of their evolution. As they progress, reading thoughts and shifting through time may come next. Oddly enough, the Observers would have the ability too bear witness to their own origins and choose to interfere or manipulate themselves at will!

What do you think, do these new shape shifters eventually become the Observers?
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