Fringe throwing in the towel with it's sense of humor?

Lest you thought Fringe was throwing in the towel with its sense of humor this new season.  Think again.

Fringe gave its fans something to chuckle about again last Friday night when a presumably nude Walter stood behind an examination table.  Walter is famous (infamous?) for celebrating "naked Tuesdays".  With a new season Fringe here I'm sure we are all wondering if that tradition would continue or perhaps be expanded upon.

Ah, I think the writers were having a little fun with us.  TheFringePodcast chat room gasped and laughed when Walter appeared behind the table.  As he slowly moved away from the table it was revealed he was wearing a towel.

Oh shucks!  I mean, phew!  Me thinks the writers were teasing us a little with this "reveal".   I guess we'll have to wait to see if the tradition continues for Walter.  With this little tease the writers are going to keep us on our toes.


  1. John Noble is a good sport and rather fit too :)

  2. It does look like he has been working out.

  3. John Noble, even if he is only half naked, is still very funny!


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