It's Crunch Time on Fringe Friday!

Waaay back in July I asked the question on The Fringe Podcast blog if we will see Peter in episode one of season four of Fringe.  Well tonight's the night we find out!  And when I say we I mean the viewing audience not necessarily the show's characters.  For myself, I am saying yes and if you check the Fringe Podcast blog you will see some terrific answers.  Many by those who are active in the live chat room and the twitter verse.

One of my more far out theories is that Peter is in a universe of his own creation yet utterly alone in it.  Everything else is there just not the people!  Maybe that is what the promo picture above is getting at.  The geodesic dome that Peter is standing in front of represents his "bubble" universe of which he is the population of one.  OK, an Observer or two may stop by to harass and confuse him.  Poor Peter!

It'll be fun to find out.  See you there tonight!

(Um, our universe, not Peter's.)


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