The Death of Lincoln Lee or Not?

Remember when Walter was experimenting with the re-animation of the dead, specifically a dead as a doornail dove, way back in the beginning of this season?  I've always wondered when they were going to return to that little plot point.  Of course, in a way they have.  The re-animation of the dead has been a constant theme on Fringe especially in the context of the Shape-shifters.  Whether victim or vanquished the Shape-sifters have breathed new life into the dearly departed and deliberately or not hey all have seemed to be imbued with a soul.

I take you now to that short little conversation Walter had with Canaan near the end of "Everything In It's Right Place".  Walter was eager to study, er, help Canaan with his imperfect configuration ( DNA deficit).  What if what Walter learns goes beyond short little flight plans for doomed doves?  Will his knowledge of Shape-shifters 2.5 (that's what I think Canaan is) coupled with his re-animation experiments lead to a new form of human being to do battle with Jones' Shape-shifters?

Hmmmm, who would be a good candidate for re-animation?

Why not???!!!  Wouldn't you love it and wouldn't it be the freakiest thing Fringe has ever done?  Many tears were shed across the Twitterverse, blogverse etc. when Captain Lee died.  Maybe it was a clever ruse for us to think that he is gone.  Think like a Trojan Horse or something.  The man's got skills and Colonel Broyles, DRJ and the rest would never suspect his return.  I'd keep smelling salts around Alt-livia though just in case.

David Robert Jones & The Machine

So, as of the last episode we have learned that the "Machine" is repairing the rifts in the universe and our Blue Universe warriors are considered heroes in the Red Universe.  In a previous post I theorized that Jones would be the anti-hero and use the Machine to heal the rifts to get what he wants and if that fails the damaged universes would be populated with his new forms of humanity. (Read it here.)  Has that theory gone bye bye now that the healing process has begun with out him?

Nope, things are even better now.

Now that DRJ has Colonel Broyles on the inside what better scenario would Jones have than to have Broyles sabotage the Machine, implicate the Blue Universe, turn popular Red Universe opinion against them and then ride to the rescue himself with the ultimate fix.  The man is diabolical isn't he?

Speaking of diabolical! Does anyone think it was too easy for Canaan and Fringe Division to penetrate Jones' lair?  Jones does work with Shape-shifters, you'd think he'd be prepared for any contingency.  If he was prepared, and this is a little out there, I wonder if he had a fail safe built into Canaan's code wherein he could activate him like some sort of bomb or double agent.  That would be clever of Jones.  Give up your organization for the bigger prize of access to the machine or the elimination of the Blue Universe threat.

You know, kind of like a Trojan horse.


  1. Dave .... no tears were shed by me! I just dont believe that AltLinc is dead. This is a man who survived being cooked to a crisp .... and yet we are supposed to think he couldnt survive a bullet! Im in the camp of "i need to see a body before i believe he's gone!" I know we have a slightly different timeline here (& AltLinc was never cooked) but AltVerse medical technology is still further advanced than ours im still thinking a bullet wouldnt take him out!

    If someone, anyone, dies on Fringe ...we usually see a body. And the body count is high on our beloved show! We saw Charlie's body being thrown into the hospital furnace by the shapie ...and then we saw Shapie Charlie get shot by Olivia. I may be called delusional but i am convinced i am right! For me the equation is -bullet + no body = not dead.

    AltLinc is in kahootz with Walternate here. He wants to catch the "mole" in Fringe Division and what better way to do it than when youre supposedly dead. I know its a bit cliche but thats what im sticking with.

    Both Lincolns have made the "who else knew" comment. Its just that AltLinc now has the perfect cover to further investigate this. Walternate worked out that Brandonate was a shapie and had no qualms in knocking him off. Im thinking that both AltLinc and Walternate know there is another "mole" in Fringe Division and they are going to hunt him down ... oh so quietly. They know how smart DRJ is. He wouldnt just put one mole in Fringe Division .... he'd always have a backup.

    What im really interested in is whether AltBroyles & Meena are shapies. At first i thought AltBroyles had to be, but looking at the passion of his willing followers and how they want to be the "Adam & Eve" of the new thinking maybe not. Meena and AltBroyles may just be true believers and fervant followers of the man who wants to create a "brave new world".

    As for what DRJ wants to do with the machine or why he wants to create a new world ....well ... i simply havent a clue. Fringe has always kept me guessing re the motives of DRJ. I couldnt figure him out in season 1 and i have advanced no further in season 4.

    I do like your theory about the "trojan horse" and the fact that horses in various forms have been discreetly placed in various season 4 eps. I will need to ponder this further. Thinking about Fringe sometimes makes my head hurt.

    And as a final note Dave ... i have a question for you. We were always told that if someone dies in one universe then a death has to occur in the other in order for balance to be maintained. In this timeline, does this still hold true? If so, then who "supposedly dies" in order for balance to be maintained now.... given that AltLinc is "supposedly dead." If no one dies ...then does that lend weight to my "AltLincs not dead" theory?

    Is AltLinc's death a prelude to the death of our Olivia? Is that where the balance comes from?
    Holy Crap im starting to run away with a million thoughts. I will stop before i need to check myself in for a short stay at St Claires!

    1. Oh! Wow! I still think I make a solid point as to why I think AltLinc is dead, but I love this "teaming up with Walternate" theory! That would be a rad turn of events! Captain Lee in the shadows as a spy catching a mole is so graphic novel-esque, and we know how much the creators love that genre.

    2. Excellent, excellent thoughts Lyn. I like your "no tears" approach. Here I am thinking that Lee is dead and coming back (how warped an I?)and you tell me he's not dead at all! (Maybe I need to talk to somebody.) You're right there's always a body. Do you suppose it was easy to fool Alt-Astrid? She seems to have a finger on the pulse of everything over there. (How much are shrinks anyway?)

      I'm still saying that Broyles is a human and that he is being blackmailed into co-operating. He was such a man of scruples in his previous iteration that I can't help but believe that his family is being threatened. As for Red Meena, I'n saying she is the Shape-shifter and the Red Universe Nina is in the Blue Universe as an imposter. (Too crazy?) I expect a real double switch by DRJ concerning her identity.

      I think the whole "balance for the Universe" thing is out the window. Plenty of people have died in one universe only to survive in the other. Peter is a prime example but you could throw in Willaim Bell and Broyles himself in the original time line. I don't think they are sticking with that anymore. Too complicated.

      I'll put in a good word for you at St. Claires. Maybe they will put us on the same floor. Their pudding is awesome!

    3. Dave id love to be on the same floor as you in St Claires. And as for the pudding...ive heard that the Butterscotch one is dreadful! Steer clear of that.

  2. Morning, Dave!

    Let's dive right in :)
    As sad as it is, I think Captain Lee will remain dead. My first reason for thinking this, is directly related to Peter. We've all been witness to Olivia's mind going back to this timeline's original contents. And, we've wondered how everyone else would go back to "normal" a well. Well, I don't think it's going to happen how it happened for Olivia.
    An example: Walter. This Peter was NEVER Walter's. That being said, I think Walter accepting that notion and being able to love him like a son regardless (the scene with the birthday gifts) is us getting out Walter / Peter dynamic back.
    So. My point: Agent Lee was never a part of that original group. He was slowly being left out of things as if not even there. He no longer had a chance with Olivia. Etc... However, killing him would have been too obvious a choice. On that same note:
    My second reason for thinking this: The writers made it abundantly clear that both Lincolns lived the exact same life. The only difference? Their mindsets. A self confidence in one's self. And what better way to gain some self worth than by living in a universe where people consider you a hero? I think this is how our timeline is vetoing back to normal. I think he'll be integrated into Red and I'm betting he'll even end up with Fauxlivia.

    Okay. DRJ:
    I think you're spot on about this being too easy.
    1) this was an expendable plant with no real need to him nor would us knowing about it be of any danger to DRJ's plans.
    2) DON'T TRUST NINA SHARPE! And since, for right now, Blue's seems fairly trustworthy, don't trust this one! If she's "caught", it's for good reason. If C isn't a plant, she is while being held prisoner. Remember, Evil Nina if now in the clutches of Alter Broyles. This could have been the plan all along.
    I don't know if C is a bomb, but I think it's very wise of you to say we should keep an eye on him. For all we know, DRJ is holding the well being of his son over his head.

    Okay. That's all I have for now #

  3. Good evening to you Sarah Maria!

    OK, diving in. I think your right about Agent Lee being integrated in. But if Lyn is right we'll both have strawberry flavored death on our faces. Here's what I thought the next day about the divergence of the two Lincoln Lees. Captain Lee's confident brazen lifestyle, as a choice, got him killed. Agent Lee's non-committal, timid lifestyle has made him the ultimate survivor.

    Ironic isn't it? And he is down on himself for being that way! He doesn't get it! If we want to extrapolate on this further we could even say his diffident lifestyle has fated him to be with Alt-livia.

    It was his destiny!

    Pffft! Never trust Nina Sharp! Red Broyles will see that nothing happens to her in prison. They are saying that the newer versions of the Shape-shifters don't have "butt drives" but that doesn't mean DRJ hasn't found a suitable organic substitute for them.

    OK, keeping both eyes peeled. Cheers to you!

  4. I hope you are wrong on that re-animation theory simply because I think the story works better with Capt. Lincoln dead. I very much agree with Sarah above. But it would blow us away if true. It does seem as though the re-animated bird scene was foreshadowing something. I'm in a minority in that I never cared for altLincoln, but love blue Lincoln and think a pairing with Fauxlivia works. I do think the theory that Capt. Linc is still alive to catch the mole has a lot of merit, however.
    As to the machine, it does seem as if the balanced universes now are going to be ruined by DRJ. I never thought about Canaan going to the blue side being his plan all along. I need to always remember "nothing is as it seems" :)


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