Helix - Strange Bedfellows

Ah, the shifting sands of alliances, partnerships, and coalitions continues to swirl about Helix as the strange bedfellows that go inside and outside the sheets begins to heat up.

Hmmm, shifting sands in an Arctic setting?  Things "heating up" in that frozen wasteland?

Sure why not?

After last week's sexual romps during "Aniqatiga" it looked like we were in for much of the same once Sergio and Constance were left alone.  Naturally, they fell into each others arms.  It looked as though Constance was going to beat something out of him but it turns out he just likes it a little rough.  Sergio has gained an ally and a powerful one at that.  Things looked pretty dim for our Brazilian friend as he was brought handcuffed and humiliated before Daniel and his security team.  As it turns out this was just an avenue to create a new alliance between Anana her long lost brother, Miksa.

The power couple that ended the last episode in each others arms seems to have tempered a bit.  Alan and Sarah were just a bit self conscious over their deed and felt it better to stay focused and opt to find a cure.

Was this a mistake to split?  Shouldn't have Sarah kept Alan close?  As we were to find out later it seems to be a mistake.

There was one alliance that seemed to gain strength and that was the one between Hatake and Julia.   Hatake's response to seeing Julia with the silvered eyes was a lot more than I expected.  The man was truly anguished.  His personal stake in her well being goes a lot deeper than I thought.  Instead of something akin to brother and sister, at least in a figurative sense, it now seems to have taken on the bond you find between father and daughter.  Julia isn't quite aware of this but she has become more trusting in the man and was willing to follow him to safety.

Hatake's relationship with Julia may come in handy as his power base was seriously deteriorated by Daniel finding out the true nature of his relationship with Anana and that of Hatake. Daniel professed earlier he just wanted to be trusted.  Now that need for trust has surely evaporated.  Add to this the disapproval by Constance Sutton and her willingness to slap Hatake in every manner means Hatake's little empire is sure to crumble.

Sarah bore witness to a connection that was close to being severed.  As Hatake has grown closer to Julia, she in turn fell into the arms of Alan.  This bodes well for Alan.  As Hatake finds Julia invaluable so does Alan.  This troika may be the most powerful group of them all.  Each has powerful stake in the other.  Hatake needs Alan to complete the cure (as does Sutton), Alan needs Julia for her RNA expertise, Julia needs Alan because, well, check out the picture above, and they all need each other to survive the scorched earth policy Sutton has for her end game.

Is there a loser in all these goings on?  As mentioned earlier Sarah may have misstepped when she went all professional with the post coital Alan.  Now she is on the outside looking in.  Her one card to play is the secret pact she made with Alan to keep the cure a secret.  She just needs to move Julia out of the picture.  Hatake for his part can dangle a cure in front of Sarah.  Okay, all is not lost for our "pretty" just a little dim at the moment.

The Silver Eyed Club

What's the most powerful group of them all and they don't know it yet?  How about our silver eyed friends?  Julia has now joined the ranks with Hatake and guess who else is a memeber?

Constance Sutton has that moonlit glow to her peepers which means she has also fallen victim to the virus and it's semi-effectual cure.  

Did I say cure?  Maybe I should have said curse.  Judging by Hatake's tears he may have saved Julia but also doomed her.  Stabbing headaches may only be one symptom of the silver eyes.  Something salved and hidden by contact lenses.  I fear there is something alot worse to come.

Sutton grinding down her teeth is our best clue. Silver eyes, stabbing headaches and the ability to ward of rampaging vectors is all very useful but is there a downside?

How about sharpened fangs for teeth?  I think that is what Sutton was doing in order to hide her condition.  I'm guessing anyone with the silver eyes also manifest strange other physical attributes.  The fangs may be just the tip.  

Are we ready for this show to take a supernatural turn?  Will our silver eyed friends take on the appearance of something vampiric or that of the werewolf?

Raise your hand if you are ready for that.

No one?

Ready or not something is about to give.  It looks like the Vectors have made it to level B and this particual group has an agenda.


Hiyo Silver is all I  say!  It won't be long before they are forced together for the good of the greater population.  Will their alliance last?  As long as they need each other it will.

What was that old saying about keeping your friends close but your enemies closer?

Oh, Helix, where are you taking us next week?


  1. The show certainly is taking us for a ride! I'm quite enjoying it. Enjoying it so much that I'm willing to overlook a few of the "really??" moments that get tossed at us, such as the very uncomfortable Sergio and Constance scene, literally and figuratively speaking.

    Sigh. It's just soooooooooooo cliché. "I'm gonna beat you silly but I actually love you but I'm gonna betray you in the end cuz you love/hate me but really love me".....

    But hey, maybe there is a point to it. With this show, there is the possibility of that (not that I'll hold my breath).

    Julia's journey is very interesting, however, and I'm wondering her journey from "normal" human to "modified" human is being shown. Is it to show her going to the dark side? To show her being able to keep her humanity, so to speak? Hatake seemed to show genuine sorrow for Julia's final step, like a father's heartbreak at losing a child. He knows what's happening.

    The teeth scene just made my skin crawl! Probably because I have a dentist appointment today (for truth, I do!). I seriously doubt they are "vampires" in any normal sense, and I really don't see any supernatural stuff coming into it... There hasn't been a single clue for that. Genetic engineering gone way off course, or biological warfare, surely it is more in that vein....?

    In any case, I can't wait to see what's next. The only story arc I'm a bit bored with is the Alan/Sarah one, mostly because I don't see the point of it. I really don't care. Sergio and Doreen were more interesting because they were so different and similar in every way, but these two are not so "off the wall". But that just my flavor preference... :-)

    Bring on Friday/Saturday! :-)

  2. Yes Ingrid, some of these romances are being stuffed down our throats. I wish they had a more organic feel to them. Something we could root for. Ala, Sergio and Doreen. And they managed to wreck that one. At least the hug between Julia and Alan felt real. The rest? Yeesh.

    I actually felt some sympathy for Hatake when he realized what he had done to Julia. I don't doubt he had to do it but it still hurt him deeply.

    They may not be vampires in a strict sense but they certainly have vampiric qualities. More of which was revealed in the 5 minute teaser for episode 8. Don't watch it if you don't want to be spoiled. However after seeing it, it has made me love Julia even more. And remember there wasn't a "single clue" to another dimension in Fringe until, boom!

    Do I really want them to be vampires and werewolves? No, but possessing some of the qualities and being labeled or outcast as such would be interesting. I read somewhere that these silver eyed people are a form of "Homo-superious" I like that. The virus is supposed to change you from the inside out. Nice work by Doreen on that one. Too bad they killed her off.

    I like your "flavor preference."


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